Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fireman Bradley's mum writes to the craven Echo about his private life being damaged....

WHAT are we to make now of Fireman Bradley's Mathew Street complaints about his private life being damaged?
You will recall how the Fireman choked back tears as he complained to journalists how he and his family had been personally affected by all the negative publicity surrounding the Mathew Street fiasco.
(Taunts in the street about freebies to Las Vegas, mega pay-offs, official inquiries, worst council in the country, etc, etc. This was as scapegoated Lee Forde was left out in the cold outside the Town Hall! eds)
Now Bradley's mum has written a tear-jerking letter to the Echo complaining about how she never gets to see her lad.
Apparently, he doesn't get home until very late at night and never sees his poor missus, Pauline.
Bradley's mum Pam, who was previously viewed as a shrewd political operator, whinged about all this in her extraordinarily embarrassing public missive to craven Echo editor Alistair Mackrey.
Strange then, that Bradley has managed to persuade wife Pauline to emerge from the shadows and stand as a Lib Dem candidate on May 1st.
Hardly likely to protect his family's privacy we would have thought.
Perhaps he and Pauline plan to meet in future over the hustings?
There is also further evidence that Bradley's no doubt wholly genuine desire to protect his family does not extend to all publicity opportunities - but only when it suits.
Otherwise, the Fireman would surely not have agreed to this photo opportunity taken by self-styled PR guru Carolyn Hughes, which shows him posing apparently happily with Pauline at Christmas....

We can only observe that if the people of Liverpool have any sense at all, Bradley will get a lot more time to spend with his family after May 1st.


Hacked off with them said...

I love the way you keep on deliberately mis-spelling the name of the Echo editor. He will hate that.

Anonymous said...

Surely Bradleys mums letter breaks the rules on media coverage in teh lead up to the local elections.

observer said...

this is not the first time Mr B's Wife ahs stood as a candidate- whe did it in 2004 - she's purely a paper candidate in Kirkdale-

Anonymous said...

To Observer

How appropriate a "Lady of Paper" married to a "Man of Straw"

Anonymous said...

Media coverage rules are only restrictive when it comes to the broadcast media - witness the way the Evening Standard was allowed to become the Daily Boris without breaching any laws. The RPA is however strict about the broadcast media once we are in what is referred to as the pending period. Why don't you ask Liam Fogarty all about this - his radio merseyside background would make him fully informed on the law.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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