Friday, April 18, 2008


HERE (in Southport - 22 miles away)?

Or HERE (in Stoneycroft)?

Majesty's Constabulary are today investigating where Lib Dem 'Local Champion' Dave Irving lives - Stoneycroft or 22 miles away in Southport.

(Good question, eds)
Because if Councillor Irving, a former police officer, lives in Southport he will be guilty of breaking election law by standing as his party's candidate for Knotty Ash in the local elections on May 1st.
The Local Government Act says anyone standing for election should have either lived in Liverpool for 12 months, or work in the city.
Lib Dem Irving, who chairs the city council’s powerful Planning Committee, is not employed in Liverpool. He is now retired. So that option is out.
A detailed report, which has been handed to police, contains statements and photographs allegedly showing Irving living at 7 Dunbar Road, Birkdale in the borough of Sefton.
The photographs apparently show Irving leaving the house in Birkdale in the morning, where his car had allegedly been left outside overnight.
In others, he is shown walking the family dog!
(Not the rottweiller McElhinney, eds)
According to land registry checks, the imposing semi in up-market Birkdale is owned by Irving and his wife, Yvonne.
Irving is also alleged to have an ex-directory phone number in his name at the Birkdale address.
But at the same time, Irvine has registered on the Liverpool city council electoral roll as living at 96 Moscow Drive, Stoneycroft, Liverpool L13.
This means he can stand in elections in Liverpool.
In fact, his son
Phillip, who lives at this address, is registered as the sole owner of the property.
Neighbours in Moscow Drive insist Irving senior does not live there, according to the report.
(He says, they says, who knows? ed)
Police must now decide whether Lib Dem Irving has broken the law and attempted to mislead voters in Knotty Ash by claiming he lives in Liverpool - when, in fact, he lives in Southport.

If so, he could be prosecuted for corruption under the Representation of the People Act, 1983.
He would be liable to be jailed and/or fined and disqualified from public office for up to five years.
It would also mean that important decisions which Irving has taken as Chair of the city council’s Planning Committee could now face legal challenges in the High Court.
That could cost council taxpayers a fortune in massive legal bills – which the city would have to pick up.

Ironically Lib Dem election leaflets in Knotty Ash portray Irvine, who has been a councillor for ten years, as their ‘local champion’.

So, we think we should be told, before May 1st - where do you really live Dave?
  • No 56 in the Liverpool Subculture series 'Stories you won't be reading in the Echo'.


Anonymous said...

nothing would surprise me about that dodgy twerp,

Hope he gets jail

Radiorogerside said...

Hey don't get hung up on this, this is a part of the twinning arrangement with Robert Mugabe's Zanu PF party and Liverpool's Glib Dumbs to ensure elections are conducted in the interests of the electorate. If the results in May are in any way considered to have been influenced by votes for Labour, BNP, Conservative, Greens or the Monster Raving Looney Party (Covert name for the Culture Company-to remain on the payroll) withhold the result and demand another election. This is allowed because as the leader Worried Badley said last year. The mandate for the Matthew Street inquiry, 'If the findings are not acceptable I will order a fresh inquiry' this is my democratic right as council leader, aka Dictator=Dickhead.

Anonymous said...

Lets beat the Echo and Daily Post to it. They will claim an exclusive but it won't be. A Labour councillor will be the front page on Saturday regarding downloading indecent images. The truth will be that the Post are doing the work of the Lib Dems. A certain famous solicitor is furious at police behaviour over this one. What a coincidence it occurs just before an election.

Tori Blare said...

That Labour Councillor has stood down already, it is old and untrue news. Lib Dem muck don't be pulled in on this one Tony, be careful.

Anonymous said...

Could get interesting in the light of Dave 'am I bovvered' Irving's craven kow-towing to various thuggish developers as Planning Committee chair.


disillusioned lib dem said...

"The Local Government Act says anyone standing for election should have either lived in Liverpool for 12 months, or work in the city.

Lib Dem Irving, who chairs the city council’s powerful Planning Committee, is not employed in Liverpool."

Au contraire, he IS employed in Liverpool - as a city councillor (yes, it does count).

I enjoy your blog, but Irving is one of the good guys in the LDs (there are a handful) and is entirely entitled to stand for election in Liverpool.

Anyway, keep up the good work - most of the time you are spot on.

The Tonys said...

We heard that was his initial excuse. Then after a re-think, it seemed he changed his mind and decided he now lived in Liverpool. Even though he was still the joint owner of the Southport house. He may well be better than most of the others (and we accept he probably is), but this is exceedingly dodgy practise. And it would be atonishing if being a councillor was considered proper employment. That's just a licence for even further abuse. Being a councillor is not employment it is public service. Simple as that. The Lib Dem argument, arrogantly appears to be - he is entitled to stand, he is entitled to stand? That can't be right. Anyway, we shall see what the cops make of it.

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