Monday, April 07, 2008

Who do we want to run our city? Certainly not a Party which doesn't even know what day it is!


NUMBER 1: How to shoot yourself in the foot.

The first salvoes have been fired in the local election battle...and predictably the Lib Dims have already shot themselves in the foot!
'Who do you want to run our city?' asks the first Lib Dim leaflet of the campaign, under the impressive banner headline............

Now we know that Fireman Bradley's Lib Dims are so incompetent that they don't normally know what day it is.
But what year...........?
The first Lib Dim city-wide leaflet carries the usual mix of scaremongering nonsense - Labour will apparently be putting up your council tax by a smidgeon above a BILLION per cent!
Or was it a TRILLION?
This Lib Dim claim to financial rectitude and superiority is particularly hard to take of course, given how freely they have frittered away millions of pounds of council taxpayers money on pay-offs to their fat cat friends, bureaucratic bunglers and cashing-in consultants.
To say nothing of the fireman's freebies in Las Vegas.
We wonder whether the outrageous claims and activities of some Lib Dim candidates will ever be exposed?
Of course, we might just have to show the way....


Anonymous said...

There is a group called Common Purpose who believe they are 'leading the city. See below. Who is really in power? Really? Anyone with a curious mind? :)

'Liverpool has aspirations to become a world class City, and it is well on the way to achieving this goal. Led, it must be said, by Common Purpose graduates from all over Merseyside' - from Common Purpose website.

Does anyone know how active Common Purpose is in Merseyside? It looks pretty active to me... A secret network of 'trained' business leaders- unelected and trained to operate in a 'post democratic society' - 'leading beyond authority'. Why does this unnerve me more than a ticket to a LasVegas show?

Anonymous said...

"Common Purpose" is one of those charity-type organisations that charge the earth for 'training' that no one really wants to go on. It is more of a campus cult than anything serious in my experience elsewhere in the UK.

After all, what leaders actually need leadership training?!

Anonymous said...

dont get diverted by common purpose tonys. they are bonkers.

Anonymous said...

claire mcgolgan, chris donaldson, jase, even the echo editor and the rest of them have all been on commom purpose, it is just another part of the bullshit that culture co have lapped up. its yet another networking thing that these twats love to waste money on and be told how great they are doing. someone should have an in-depth look at how much public money they have pocketed. but watch maccas concert instead thats in big trouble now.

Anonymous said...

With minimum research it seems they are not a wacky charity but sophisticated, very rich, in all key positions of power (unelected) and behind cronism, major wastes of money and particular quangos, regional / euro funding etc. all very well paid.

I have experience with them in two other regional authority's where because of the scale of incompetence and agenda (or 'purpose') driven 'developments' I thought I was dealing with the Masons.

Dig a little Tonys and maybe the cabal is well connected. Start to join some dots on this, I am amazed given this blog is about many of these incompetencies and people Common Purpose isn't explored a little more.

Not a surprise to find heads of Culture Co involved or media - but who else is part of this network? Why the secrecy? Anyone know of any of their work, member lists, how much public money paid and how many members are decision makers in positions of influence or power or even what exactly this 'training' is? Be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

No Cabulist is an island. Common Purpose may be Bonkers but who has the power in this city!

Anonymous said...

Strangely CP (Common Purpose) tried to recruit me twice. Be very wary. They use NLP often and have an agenda that is neither open or representative of people.

Curious to see if anyone has ANY member list or activity outputs in Liverpool/Merseyside? Don't be fooled they are bonkers that is lame and if anything more reason to question why they are training public officials with public money with Charterhouse Meeting Rules!

I know they are in Culture Company, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, Creative Communities, NWDA, various local councils, finance groups, developers, media, police,law education and health (alongside various ambitious entrepreneurs seeking public funding and secret networking opportunities).

You're right no cabal is an island. This group is also international(including US and Oz), although focused on Europe. The unelected Masons are here!

Anonymous said...


In case that link does not work, the constituent parts are:

Stick em all together to get the full address.

Radiorogerside said...

Have a look at www.common purpose. There is a video presentation by Brian Gerrish, its a lengthy affair of 1hr 50mins. He shows evidence of the amount of public money and lottery money this outfit, a supposed charity organisation, have lifted its a staggering amount. They have even tapped into Police Authority budgets! The media attitude nationwide to this plunder of public finances is so in tune with the Liverpool Echo stance on the Liverpool Evil Cabals...plunder of public finances.

Anonymous said...

great gossip post tonys!

Anonymous said...

that wonko's world is an interesting if not shocking link!

A quote: -is this true???!?
"Renew Northwest, the Regional Development Agency has already booked up a Common Purpose programme (at taxpayers expense of course) for 2008."


This smacks of a bit than 'gossip' to me.

Anonymous said...

Please! You expect me to believe that public officials are being paid with public money to 'train' with other leaders in secret? Charity's are for helping wee kids etc. not training powerful professionals!

Check your facts!

Anonymous said...

er... type 'renew northwest' into google....then click on the 'common purpose leaders' link...

read and weap ;)- literally!!

consider facts checked - part 1

Anonymous said...

Money from charitys and the public purse should only be spent on Purpose. That should be Common knowledge! Do see why are in and you lot are out - You just don't get it do you.

Anonymous said...

why you speaking gibberish? what is not got by the Common people? allowing you to exploit them on Purpose?

Professor Y Chucklebutty said...

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But my favourite of all time has to be the dry humour and monologues of Rob Hilton, and of course the classic Fireman Sketch. Do you remember that one?

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He tells me that at the moment, they are not the real the anemones and at this time we need to concentrate our efforts on dealing with the existing pond life. Liverpool they say is the pool of life, so before the life is sucked out of us we need to get rid of the current leeches. The Cuban Eels may have gone but there is still danger lurking in the evil coral.

As a matter of interest, the Common Porpoise was coaxed here with the help of the former Deputy Prime Minister John Presscoff to go with his chips and gravy. You remember him? He punched Edwina Currie for throwing a salmonella infected egg at him. And during the BSE crisis, he ate John Selwyn Gummer to prove that condemned meat was safe. Now that was a chance for the Lib dems to get the upper hand, they could have offered Cyril Smith for afters, then again Prescoff would probably have chased him down the street with a knife and fork.

Anyway the CP being a European connected fish has attracted the attention of USNOOZE the anti European party from which most of the fears and conspiracy theories originate. Just because they have lunch at the Groucho Club, they think they are a Marxist conspiracy, when in fact they welcome idiots from all parties and all walks of life so long as they have vast quantities of money to exchange for tripe, which is their main product.

By Jove, come to think of it they sound a splendid group, ripping off all that money from all sorts and getting their daft ideas taken seriously by high-ranking people, and they claim to be a charity while raking in a fortune Ha ha! Brings a tear to your eye. Just like when I set up the “Liverpool Way” Ha ha!

CP ladies and gentlemen stands for Complete P***take. But save them for another day. Surely we have already been drained enough.

Now wash your hands, and gentlemen please adjust your dress before leaving the polling station.

Tatty Bye Everybody Tatty Bye

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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