Friday, April 04, 2008

Macca's concert is already £2.5million in the red and will cost council taxpayers a fortune - while Lib Dims make old folks pay!

Paul McCartney's Anfield concert is to cost council taxpayers double what was forecast - while services to the public are being slashed by £62 million.

The final bill to put on the Macca show - the Liverpool Sound - is anyone's guess with almost two months still to go and the Culture Company trying to keep a lid on every last detail.

Chickens are wandering around without any heads inside the Millennium House Fun Palace and everyone involved has been sworn to secrecy.

But we can reveal that council chiefs had been banking on the gig costing the city just £1.2million - even though the Harbarrowboy originally promised it would be"cost neutral."

Editor's Note: This is an accounting term which basically means: "I am trying to pull the wool over your eyes becaus I have no idea, so I am going to try and blag my way around this one and hope that I will be off-ski with a huge pay-off before the chickens come home to roost."

The £1.2 million cost to the city council was calculated once sales from tickets (now costing between £334-£288 on t'internet) and income from the BBC and other suppliers, souvenir-sellers and merchandisers etc had all been taken into account.

The actual bill to council taxpayers so far is, however, £2.5million - double what was forecast.

And given the financial mismanagement for which the Culture Company is famed, the final tab that council tax payers will have to pick up is likely to be at least FOUR times that original figure.

Meanwhile the Lib Dim council is closing two old folks care homes at Leighton Dene and Boaler Street as part of a £20 million package of cuts to the caring services alone.

Other services are being slashed and charges increased while the Lib Dims frantically try to plug the £62 million gap created by the spendthrift and stupid Culture Company. A sorry state of affairs which the Lib Dims of course allowed to happen, through their weakness and incompetence.

Liverpool subculture comment:

Paul McCartney's concert may well be fantastic and may well create a huge amount of positive publicity for Liverpool - God knows the city needs it after the chaos caused by the Lib Dims.

And frankly, four months into Liverpool's year as European Capital of Culture, it is about the only event so far which will attract global attention and enthuse local people.


Paul McCartney's concert will not keep open two old folks homes which the Lib Dims are closing, nor sweep the streets of dog muck, nor give the jobless new skills and training opportunities opportunities. Nor will it make life for the city's pensioners any better.

For one brief day, it will make a lot of people happy - and that is a good thing.

But will it bring any lasting benefit to Liverpool?

The McCartney concert is part of the bread and circuses roadshow which the Lib Dim council want to cover-up their legendary shortcomings.

We are not being killjoys, but let no-one forget:

W have the worst council in the country.

It is £62 million in the red.

It is closing old people's home and slashing services.

And it has paid out a fortune to incompetents and crooks.

As the bloke on the No 38 bus said to us only the other day:

"Did you see that on the blog? This bloody council is spending at least £2.5million of our hard-earned council tax money on a multi-millionaire global superstar, who may be a terribly nice guy who has always done his bit for the city with LIPA and all that, and who thankfully has just got shut of his horrible shrew of a gold-digging missus, couldn't stand her - a complete nutter obviously, and he seems a generally all-round good egg even though he is apparently a bit tight with the readies and is normally the last to get a round in I've heard, but then musically, of course, happens to be a bit of a once-in-a-lifetime-genius who has made some fantastic stuff and still appears able to turn it on big style even though he must be getting on in years, mind you he doesn't look so bad for his age, altho i expect he must be spending a small fortune on moisturisers and stuff and his new bird doesn't look half bad does she? I say good on him, you only live once, but then you've got to live and let live - or live and let die which of course was the title of one of his best numbers when Linda was still alive, amazing how the press have suddenly rehabilitated her now that she's gone when they were forever sticking the knife into her as a carrot munching headcase when she was alive, but anyway he's alright is Macca, but then he doesn't have to live here does he with that numsbskull the Fireman in charge and Colin trying to cover everything up and the Lib Dims killing each other in the public prints and the craven Echo burying its head in the sand and hoping it will all go away and services getting worse and have you been down Kenny lately? Fucking disgrace the way things have been left to slide there.....continued Page 94


Tommy said...

How come the best two Beatles died and left us with Bongo the Pickpocket and Lord Macca the Tight? I reckon we let Paul pay for the gig himself, because I'm never spending another penny on him after seeing this monstrosity plastered all over the place:

Promo poster for 'Memory Almost Full'

Converse trainers to look 'down with the kids'? Check.
Casual half-unbuttoned suit jacket? Check.
Top shirt button open? Check.
Pouty face? Check.
'Troubled Artist' eyes? Check.
Ridiculously uncomfortable pose? Check.

I'm not paying one penny so he can go around making crap like that. Call me a hypocrite for judging him on how he looks in that poster, but I just can't rest comfortably knowing that someone, somewhere, is responsible for this.

Tori Blare said...

He's got to pay for Heather somehow!
Now come on now, whats a few old people and their measley needs, when we compare them to Macca's bills?
Each story that's broken recently hs literally made me feel physically ill.
I have lost all hope anything will ever change.
Leyton Dene and Boaler street homes are being shut down and the elderly and infirm are being short changed yet again.
We will all get old some day, are we going to allow our services to dissappear so when we need help, there will be nothing left for us?Is Macca aware of this latest disgrace?

Prof Chuckberry said...

Oh let it be

Anonymous said...

Culture company should not take the blame it was our JASE who screwed the budgets and created the black hole.
It seems if you screw up budgets you get rewarded Jase got 230k
another senior officer in charge of the events team was investigated internally and was also found to screw up budgets(NOT PROVIDING BEST VALUE is the technical term) and she has been promoted !!
When will this council and its incompetant officers be called to account ?

Anonymous said...

McCartney's fee for this gig - £300k - is going to LIPA.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, I think you will find Macca's fee is going to Limpher

Anonymous said...

The Culture Company ARE to blame.

Anonymous said...

The Lib dems are to blame they created the culture company monster and then allowed it to get away with murder and our money.

Anonymous said...

That bloke on the bus, must be one of the Tonys.

nil desperandum said...

If anyone needs to gorge themselves on yet more Macca cack, try going to the Phil and listening to his new 'oratorio', Ecce Cor Meum

The Anglican Cathedral put on another piece of Macca's 'classical' music a few year's back, to less than universal applause.

Ecce Cor Meum is another pretentious and self-regarding attempt by Macca to create an image of himself as a great musical composer rather than simply a composer of great pop songs. In fact this latest offering is made from the same bland sugary pap as his earlier stuff. It's elevator music with overtones of religious sentimentality, the sort of crap your granny likes.

But tickets are 'only' £20, not the £250 you'll pay for the Anfield swindle

Anonymous said...

Magister desperandum, Ecce Cor Meum is not at the Phil, it's at the Anglican Cathedral too.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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