Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Fans of the Liverpool SubCulture blog can do something positive and powerful tomorrow, May 1st.
You can stop reading this blog (have you completely lost the plot? eds).
And go and kick the Lib Dems out of power in Liverpool.
Even better, you can ring your friends, workmates and family - including our Kylie and Conor - and urge them to do the same.
If they are in any doubt at all about your profound wisdom and good sense, tell them to log on to that there Liverpool SubCulture blog thingy for five minutes (aha! we knew this was a trick, ed).
Here in our little virtual world, the good people of Liverpool will find all the reasons possible to finally drive the Fireman and his friends out of the Town Hall.
Shall we just recap?
  • The Mathew Street fiasco.
  • Fitting up Lee Forde.
  • Paying off failure with millions in public money.
  • Fireman Bradley's personal ineptitude, weakness and lies.
  • Incompetence.
  • Conspiracy.
  • Costs.
  • Cock-ups.
  • The worst council in the country.
  • Our Lord Redmond. (Enough! You've persuaded us! eds)
And that's without mentioning the Lib Dem's arrogance, deceit and betrayal.
(You promised not to mention that, eds)
In Liverpool, Capital of Culture 2008, the Lib Dems have wasted the best chance in our lifetime to bring hope and real regeneration to some of the city's poorest communities.
Look at the decay, neglect and despair in parts of Kensington, Picton, Belle Vale, Anfield and Everton - people left out and let down.
The Lib Dems need to pay.
After all, they have made us all pay for their failures and incompetence over the last 10 years.
And they have made the weakest and most vulnerable pay the most.
We will not do a mealy-mouthed Echo editorial and tell you how important it is to use your vote.
Though it is.
(Nor should you give a seconds thought to the stupidity and ignorance of the hopelessly deluded Daily Post Business editor Bill Gleeson, who would not be caught dead trying to live on the minimum wage which he attacks so disgustingly today, eds).
Using your vote on May 1st will be no bloody use at all to Liverpool.
Unless you use it to vote Labour.
Stop reading the blog.
Go and do something positive to build a better future for our city.


Warren Bloggley said...

Ahaaa! You have shown your true colours at last!

You are anti the Lib Dems. I always suspected it but now I have the evidence in blog and white!

Nothing gets passed me mate!

Julian Ptolemy- Foulkes said...

Come on be realistic Labour are hardly the answer look at what they've done to us nationally now as well as here in the past - why dont we scousers give the Tories a chance if nothing else it would put the other two clown troups a kick up the cahones and shake them up

Anonymous said...

If anyone needs more reason to get these clowns out what is in the news on the morning of polling day?

Despite CofC
Despite squillions of pounds of objective one money
Despite our wonderful new arena
Despite our splendid new shopping centre
Despite the big dig and
Despite all the new luxury executive apartments

Liverpool is STILL the most deprived area in England.

Tori Blare said...

Oh I'm all excited, could this really be the end of the tyrant rule????
You forgot to put on your list the set up of Matt Finnegan and the lovely area of Croxteth and Norris Green.
Will people really listen though will they get off their bums and go out and vote?
If the Yellow Perils get in again purely because people can't be bothered voting then I'm off to the Wirral to cry.
Will you continue this blog if Labour lose?
I'm unsure.


What will we wake up to in the morning?
More corrupt officials?
or a real change and honest councillors?

Anonymous said...

I don't really think that we should be out enmass supporting any one of the major parties, surely what the last few years should have taught people is that areas which remain marignal and therefore viable for a number of parties get the most attention, central gov money, better quality candidates and and more accountable elected officials.

What Liverpool needs to do is make every council and MP seat completely marignial that way we'll be important to the parties and they'll give us more money and make sure the local politicians don't sit on their a*rses waiting for things to go pear shaped.

Anonymous said...

While I am no fan of Bill Gleeson, the next time you refer to his blind stupidity, you should know he is actually losing his sight.

If you didn't know that before, you do now. If you did, then using that phrase was needless and insulting, as well as below this blog's usual high standards

Anonymous said...

None of the Above /~/~

Labours spin machine Blog? Hardly for the people of Liverpool, rather an outpost for the national party of New Labour. Tonys? Mini Tony Blairs more like!

Conservatives? Get a grip! We have memories and principles.

In fact is there a difference across all 3 parties? They all abuse power for their own ends and are not trustworthy. Which leaves the business representatives and consultants to run things?

Yipeee....lets make some dollars! Democracy is dead! Shout from the Liver Buildings - democracy is dead - no longer a choice! no longer trust!

Anonymous said...

What we wake up to is the news that the slimy Nadis Stewart has rubbed herself up against the leg of the equally slimy fireman leaving Liverpool in a mess worse than a jellyfish having an orgasm in a bucket of snot.

one-who-knows said...

They did the deal with Stewart two weeks ago when they knew it was going to be touch and go. Amazingly, they thought that people would be impressed by their cleverness if they presented this as a last minute election night decision - stewart saying 'oh my god, the city may fall into the clutches of the awful joe anderson and his gang of revolutionaries (we wish) i must come to the aid of my city'. and Bradley being the wily 'behind the scenes' manipulator, who pulled off a startling election night coup. That's what they wanted to present anyway. Which just goes to show how arrogant they are and what dupes they think the people of liverpool really are. If anyone is impressed by this kind of childish, play-acting skulduggery, they deserve all they get.

hackette said...

The people who are trying to live on a minimum wage were needlessly insulted by Gleeson. He's a complete buffoon and an arrogant tosser and bully who deserves everything he gets. And I mean everything. Well done Tony - these cunts hate being exposed. They don't like it when people hit back. Keep on please - despite last night' result.

Colin CoverUp said...

Thank the Christ for that! Oh I am so grateful! Now, can someone switch off the lights while I find my pillow?

Anonymous said...

Fuck it, I'm off to Manchester

Anonymous said...

Sweet victories for Labour in Belle Vale, Kensington and Fairfield, Anfield (how good it was to see Quinn finally fall) and Yew Tree. Joe Ando must keep going he'll do it in 2010 if not before!

Peter Street said...

Speaking as a Labour Manc, I have to say we are astonished that Anderson took four seats from the Lib Dems, when everywhere else Labour was losing seats like crazy. In Manchester we held our own againt them because we attacked and answered them constantly on every leaflet, letter and election address. You have got to roll up your sleeves and mix it with these bastards - a lesson which Labour in Liverpool appears to have learnt very well indeed. Rather than you coming over to Manchester, we should be coming over to Liverpool to find out how to do it. You lot did very well. Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

Despite the changeling sliding down the firemans dirty pole to his rescue it appears that he may be destined to play a less active role in council chambers. It seems there is no shortage of members of his party who no longer want him in charge. Of course there is also the little matter of the standards board.

nil desperandum said...

We need more relentless principled blogging. Far more. We must blog the Lib-Dims into the ground. We must blog Nadia Stewart until she explodes.

Blog on, Tonys. In two years' time, all of Britain will be reading this blog

Anonymous said...

"We must blog Nadia Stewart until she explodes."

By the looks of her picture in the craven Echo one more pastie should do the trick.

Anonymous said...

what an utter disgrace how can Liverpool survive with Bradley and co still in control. who ever didn't go out and vote hang your heads in shame. As for the fool who sided with the lib dem bandits i hope the voters in her constituency let her know what they think of her.

Tori Blare said...

Nadia Steward has always and will always look after herself, she has no concern for the people who voted her into power as a Labour Councillor, they believed that she represented the same views as the working persons party, Labour, however because she could not bully the whole of the Labour Party she Jumps to become an independant, an independant what?
This person should be held to task by the electorate, can we not force a bi-election in such circumstances?
Surely there must be some guidance on being elected for one party and jumping ship to a complete opposite party?
Did Nadia consult her constituency before she decided to cut Liverpool 's throat with her decision?

radiorogerside said...

Well it looks like the night of the long knives is looming for Worried Badly. The Storeyteller feller was blustering it out after the election results, maybe the puppetmeister is about to annoint the new puppet. There will be cries of et tu, Brute! from the fireman. Now here's a good idea defect to the Labour group and cock it all up,like everything else you have been involved in. Then you can say I am a fireman first and foremost a true working class hero!

Greggs & Sayers said...

Leave Nadia alone! Do you want to see us go out of business?

Anonymous said...

But for Nadia Stewart, Leighton Dene and Boaler St care homes could have been saved. Can she live with that on her conscience? I wouldn't be able to and neither would most people.

Anonymous said...

Should have seen this one coming, I fear :(

Joe said...


Tori Blare said...

While I am no fan of Nadia Stewart, the next time you refer to her being greedy for power, you should know that she is actually a fat bastard and therefore greedy in real life!
If you didn't know that then you do now.

Anonymous said...

that hackette is the sort of backward filthy scum that is holding the city back.

in fact, bill gleeson is doing very well to hold down a decent paid job despite his disablility.

Compare that to the lazy morons on the minimum wage, who offer nothing to society. Why should they receive anything back?

I suggest you all get the fuck off this supposedly banned forum. Do you get a kick out of feeling "rebellious"?


miserable bastard said...

Lets all face it...Liverpool is a crap city. Go and jump in a lake.

Anonymous said...

The city council drained the one in Sefton Park.

miserable bastard said...

then jump in the mersey. or emmigrate.

Tori Blare said...

All these anonymous people are really upset, oooeeerrr, hit a nerve me thinks?

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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