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ANOTHER LEAKED EMAIL: 'This could hurt us politically,' says Fireman Bradley "so keep quiet about the Royal Court"

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From: Warren email
To: /*Executive Members
Sent: Jan 5, 2007 22:47

Subject: Royal Court

Dear All,

Following the discussions at the joint members today, I have met with Colin and informed him of the strength of feeling.

I have asked Colin to go away and discuss with Michael Kenworthy the process that has to beundertaken to terminate the licence that RCLL presently have.

I feel I have to write to all EM's as we will ultimately have to make the decision.

Colin and I will also meet with Jason Harborow to discuss a way forward, initial ideas are that Louise Hughes who manages the Neptune, when open, maybe could manage the Royal Court, and programme the calendar for 2007/08?

The facility would exist for the Comedy Club to continue on a franchise basis, and they would provide us with the required dates to deliver the comedy programme. Louise would then build a programme when the theatre is dark.

It must be understood that this could hurt us politically!

I will do all I can to prevent political damage, but before I give the final OK to Colin, I need total commitment from all EM's that this is the course of action we all want to undertake.

If the decision is to follow this course of action, Monday at the latest, can I ask all to be silent on the decision both with the press and other members/officers, I will then undertake to work with the Officers to cultivate RCLL in believing this is the best way forward for them.

Can you please let me know as soon as possible what your view is?



Warren Bradley
Leader of Liverpool City Council
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Court in the Act said...

A local success story - KILL IT!

Anonymous said...

Renew Northwest have taken down their common purpose google quick link pretty quickly! Since discussion in last article.

Now you can only find the page by typing Common Purpose into Renew Northwest Website.

At least the elected leaders have a sense of accountability. Or are we already headlong into the 'post democratic era'?

The Scottish Blog said...

Is this linked to this?

Mar 29 2008 by Catherine Jones, Liverpool Echo

THE future of Liverpool’s Royal Court theatre has been secured for at least another three years.

An extension to the company’s lease on the Roe Street venue, due to end next January, has been approved by council officials.

But the two-year extension means the organisation, behind hit shows such as Brick Up The Mersey Tunnels and Lost Soul, can plan its programme and take new bookings for the 70-year-old building.

Royal Court Liverpool chief executive Kevin Fearon said: “I am very happy to have the good work we have done here recognised.

“Over the past three years, we have brought more than £250,000 people into the building, and invested just under £1m in making it the most warm and welcoming venue in the city.”

Council leader Warren Bradley said: “They wanted to start planning for next year’s programme, and we are confident they will deliver.”

The contract extension provides another boost for the Royal Court after its re-emergence from a period of uncertainty.

Rawhide Comedy Club took over the theatre as a comedy venue in April 2005, but went into liquidation two years ago after running up “unexpected” debts refurbishing its new home.

The work included converting the stalls into cabaret-style seating with tables.

The Royal Court Liverpool company was then set up to take over the grade II-listed venue.

Since then, while major comedy acts have continued to perform at the theatre, it has become the home of local talent.

Plays by writers such as Willie Russell, Alan Bleasdale and the hugely popular Brick Up The Mersey Tunnels, which has played to capacity audiences for three successive years, are among the success stories.

The organisation has recently spent £100,000 on heating and air conditioning, and hopes to create a charitable trust to secure the long-term future.

Mr Fearon said: “The Royal Court Trust will be a genuine legacy for 2008, and raise funds to restore the theatre to its former glory.”

An exploration of space

A MAJOR review of all performance spaces in the city is set to be carried out.

The investigation, which could be funded by the North West Development Agency (NWDA), will look at every possible venue, from the ECHO Arena to the smallest community theatre.

It will also take in spaces which have not traditionally been used for performances, such as St Luke’s “bombed-out” church, and even areas such as the atrium at the ECHO’s Old Hall Street offices.

Council leader Warren Bradley said: “The strategy will be carried out in partnership with our external partners.

“Through consultation, we will get a clear and definite way of how the performing arts venues move forward.”

The review is part of the “legacy” issue for the city after Capital of Culture year ends.

It is likely to start this autumn.


Tori Blare said...

Sorry Scottish blog, you've been reading a comic.

Macblog said...

Tori ma wee friend ahh noo it's a comic but it has great articles aboot celebrities,stabbings and shootings. Ahh just dinny know tha backgroond te this posting an ahh suspect a lot of others don't. Any wen care te explain?

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