Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Our esteemed correspondent, Prof Chucklebutty has penned the following open letter to Lib Dem turncoat Nadia Stewart. We are happy to reproduce his missive below. The good professor speaks for us all - The Tonys.

Nadia Stewart.

My last word on the subject and at Mrs Chucklebutty's insistence.

You have a unique opportunity to redeem yourself from current opinion and make us all eat humble pie. It is certain you will never be elected as a councillor again, there will be no loyalty towards you from your lib dem friends, even less so if Wally is kicked out on his arse next week. I don’t know the truth of what went on between you and the Labour party or your relationship with Joe Anderson but it is you that are now the pariah.

The Lib Dems have used you and now as a result of your decision you will be seen as responsible for the decision going ahead to close the two care centres supporting the most vulnerable people imaginable. That decision is based on a Lib-Dem lie and really due to cost-cutting, as a result of financial incompetence on the grandest of scales. The money wasted on crackpot schemes and paying off self-serving idiots and failures alone could have kept these places open for another couple of years.

So why not do something about it? Why not tell the Lib Dems that although you may not be able to work with Labour, that in all conscience you cannot support a party that is willing to sacrifice the care of such a desperately vulnerable group. And tell them that unless they reverse that decision, you will have no choice but to resign the whip and return to the Independent benches.

If they refuse, and they would rather give £2.5 million to Paul McCartney Productions than care for elderly Liverpool Citizens with Alzheimer’s and pay off the likes of Harbarow and the other failures with hundreds of thousands of pounds to go away, you will know the calibre of the people you have joined. You will know what comes first with the liverpool Lib Dem leadership.

What comes first for you? If you find that they care less about sick and frail elderly Liverpool citizens who have paid taxes to this city all their lives and instead care more about hiding their own incompetence and paying off failure and this sickens you - as it should with your family background - then you must surely leave them in their moral cesspit.

You are not responsible for whatever happens afterwards as a result of a hung council or any alliance between groups. You could even join up with Radford, at least he has some policies that reflect a social conscience.

But whatever the result, it is not your burden to carry. The people can decide again in 2010 as clearly as they did last week.

But you have so far prevented the will of the electorate being realised.

If you do not act, the burden you must carry and one of many decisions for which you will be held responsible or blamed is when the doors of Leighton Dene and Boaler St close for the last time.

The Andy Warhol saying about 15 minutes of fame has been applied to you in several newspaper articles. You have the chance for another hour of fame at least.

It could be your finest hour - a chance to show the people that you have the honour and integrity lacking in the Liverpool Lib Dem leadership.

Go ‘ed, girl, do it, show us all.


Tori Blare said...

I feel like crying! seriously.
Heart felt Mr Butty, truly heart felt.
If Nadia does not take heed, then she must face the fallout.
She's an adult she knows the score and should take a hard look inside her soul.
For a normal Labour/socialist person, this would never even enter their heads to betray all they have ever believed.
Good try Butty but I fear she has made her bed now and must live by her decision.
The rest of Liverpool already have to.

Anonymous said...

A rousing call to arms, but I fear she won't hear it.

When all you care about is yourself, what do some pensioners you don't know matter?

Anonymous said...

c'mon Lardia do the right thing!

Nadia said...

How many pies is it worth then?

Mrs Chucklenutty said...

Nadia, sweet, haven't heard back from you as yet, do you need a stamp? Have you lost the address or are you going to help drag them out of the bulding dear?

Ms K Robinson said...

I purchased my house in Croxteth 6 years ago now. The area seemed to have all the things myself and my children needed. Many newsletters arrived on my doorstep, from Nadia stating how much she has helped the area and basically ranting on about how important she is to the future of the area etc etc. I cannot put into words the amount of disgust I feel towards this lady. In the runnings in 2010 let me tell you the people she has cheated will recall - eventhough she hopes people will forget - not this time lady. I am entitled to my opinion and feel it fair to say she is an absolute disgrace with no morals, a liar and a cheat - and I have lived in the area for 6 years - question what has she actually done? I cant think of anything meaningful -in the words of nan - what a load of old shi! I wish her luck in the future by she will damn sure need it

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