Saturday, May 03, 2008


The Lib Dems have cheated the people of Liverpool.
That is the only conclusion to be drawn from the cynical, grubby little deal that Fireman Bradley cobbled together with 'Independent' Nadia Stewart to save his neck.
The Fireman and Stupid Stewart have shown utter contempt for the views of voters in Liverpool who voted 40 per cent for Labour and only 33 per cent Lib Dem.
(Interesting that the Lib Dems have conveniently forgotten their passionate belief in Proportional Representation, eds)
People in Liverpool overwhelmingly voted for change on May 1st - chucking the Lib Dems out in five wards.
Just seven votes denied Labour another victory in County ward and 35 votes denied Labour another victory in Knotty Ash.
Interestingly, even the craven Echo now appears to be unable to stomach the Lib Dem's sickening contempt for democracy.
We suspect that the Fireman will have cause to regret his polling night stunt - hatched, as one of our commentators has already pointed out, weeks ago.
Bradley and Stewart have arrogantly refused to listen to the voice of the people.
Stewart must now accept the full consequences of her actions.
It is she who will be held personally reponsible for every Lib Dem decision made from now on.
As Colin CoverUp cancels his order for a super-dooper new shredding machine, Bradley faces Lib Dem leadership challenges from a party that is rapidly crumbling around his ears.
His close colleague, Fireman Hurst, stands trial in July for breaking election law.
Bradley and the Storeyteller will face the full censure of the Standards Board soon after.
And then there are events, dear boy, events.
It ain't going to get any better for the Lib Dems.
The May 1st result showed they are doomed to defeat.
The only question is exactly when.
It could be within weeks.
Or months.
But it will certainly be in 2010.
That will be too late for many of us.
In two years, the Lib Dems can only do more damage and bring more disgrace to the people of Liverpool.
But rest assured.
We will be doing all we can to continue to expose them.


Anonymous said...

Thank Christ for that - thought you might give up! As you say, anything can happen now.

Captain Mac said...

I think playing the mum card was what swung it for Bradley.

Presumably, next time he will throw in the 'my dad is bigger than your dad' line to overcome any opposition.

What does anyone know about his new collaberator? What has she been promised to throw her lot it with the Dums?

Prof said...


Tori Blare said...

Lots are /is already known about this new collaborator, she is a snake in the grass. No-one in the Labour Party can stomach her. Nadia Steward claims she has socialism in her blood!
Bollocks, she has me me me in her blood, her family must be totally ashamed of her.
As you said Tony's, she will now be held to task for ALL Lib Dem decisions as is it her fault that the people of Liverpool have to put up with the corrupt administration of the Liverpool Liberal Democrats, for another 2 YEARS!
It is so wrong, so very very wrong.

Anonymous said...

Nadia Stewart fell out with the rest of Croxteth Labour because they refused to kow-tow to her and her thuggish uncle's demands and ridiculous horseplay.
She then worked to discredit Labour in 2007 before the writing was on the wall and she finally jumped before she was pushed. (Evidence exists of her being economical with the truth which affected Labour's campaign).
Ken Stewart who brought her up (not the thuggish uncle, but her grandfather) faced terrible opposition within Labour but never left the party. He stayed and fought his cause which just shows how out of touch with her own family history the Sayers loving Stewart is. Ken Stewart senior was given the MEP seat to keep him quiet and out of the way - something that Ken Stewart junior has never realised.
At the end of the day, these people have had every opportunity to pass on their knowledge and experience of the Labour party but have chosen instead to pursue petty personal vendettas. When it became clear to Nadia that an independent could not win in Croxteth, she "jumped" ship to side with the Fib Dems. It was not because she agreed with Lib Dem policy but all about self-preservation. Like "Save The Whale - This Time It's Personal".
She is shameless and will turn up at as many meetings as her uncle can accompany her to (because she needs a bodyguard!) Well, she will need a bodyguard by the looks of it when the care workers get hold of her. She is not a politician but a scared bully who will live to regret the day she sold her family's socialist principles for Bradley's pieces of silver.

Sir Diddy said...


Mrs Chucklebutty said...

I have just read my husbands latest piece on that Stewart lady and I really must apologise for the content.

There is nothing wrong with a little puppy fat. Both the professor and I always attract admiring glances when wandering around the garden centre in our thongs during the summer evenings. He is even quite partial to the larger lady and spent a fortune on the telephone voting for Michelle McManus on the X-factor. Well I suppose this is something to keep him occupied since he finished his last major work translating the hits of Bucks Fizz into Classical Greek.

Now something that old brainbox missed about Nadia, there is more to her than meets the eye....oh stop it!

I did my own research and discovered that whilst her uncle was an MEP she became deeply involved with Dutch espionage.

I heard she was constantly surrounded by Holland's spies.

So think on Van der Valk!

WH Audit said...

The Glib dums are also plagiarists. I have just read the official leadership challenge leaflet and it is word for word stolen from the great Mr John Cooper Clarke.

Check it out on;
Youtube JohnCooper Clarke Tw*t

or it could be about Nadia

Anonymous said...

"Holland's spies" - Excellent.

nil desperandum said...

Nothing wrong with a little puppy fat?

Nadia Stewpid doesn't have "a little puppy fat". She has the entire Battersea Dog's Home fat!

Have you see the state of her?

John Kampfner said...

Have a look at this astonishing entry on the New Statesman web site - Bradley is obviouly trying out a new career as a stringer or apprentice columnist. He has obviously got the wind up about the Leadership battle. But he clearly still does not know how to do joined up sentences. Great comment from Storeyteller - perhaps other commentators could follow suit?

Anonymous said...

The man is astonishing.

Anonymous said...

when i use my vote , i vote for the political party i wish to represent me in the council. The people who voted for nadia stewart should demand a new election as they must be very confused.
Who will she join next , what goodies will she be offered. If she had deflected to the BNP would we let it lie. i dont think so but who knows they may come up with a better offer. how many peices of silver would that take. VOTERS UNITE DEMAND A NEW ELECTION>

Tori Blare said...

Have you been a michievious imp Tony? REF the new statesman, Mike Storey comment?
If its not you then your fans are getting just as bad as you!

Francesco said...

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Francesco said...

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Anonymous said...

Up to you Tonies but I wouldn't trust myself on this never mind an anonymous "Francesco" person who sends different email addresses!!

Anyway, the reaction across the city that I have been getting from people this weekend when I bring up the Stewart situation in polite conversation is that people are incensed. They don't understand how one person can do what they have done. I try to explain that it is the person who is legally elected, not the party, but they laugh. "Where's the moral defence?" they ask. I look for an answer but they are right. There is no defence.

The Tonys said...

Ok, we have all had a bit of fun at Stupid's expense and people are understandably extremely angry at her role in keeping the Lib Dims in power, but can we now please end the personal comments about her girth, weight, eating habits, etc, etc. There are far more important and relevant things to have a go at her for. The main one being that she has been incredibly stupid.

Prof. Y Chucklebutty said...

Quite right Tony's. I have been appalled at some of the personal comments. For goodness sake, let's move on and get back to the matters in hand.

Tori Blare said...

she deserves all the muck she gets thrown at her.
She showed no concern for the people of Liverpool when she slithered over the floor to Lib Dem, why then should we care if someone calls her fat?
At least it's true.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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