Thursday, May 08, 2008

LIVERPOOL SUBCULTURE EXCLUSIVE: After 10 years in power, Lib Dem Leader-in-waiting, Richard Kemp confesses all....

Here is some plain speaking from Cllr Richard Kemp, Lib Dim Leader-in-waiting.

(Taken from his speech at

Thank you very much indeed for inviting me here today.
I was delighted to hear so many people laughing before, I actually come from the city of Liverpool, I am sure that many of you have been there.
We have a saying in Liverpool which means that we actually like comedians.
We have a saying that 'the good comedians get on the clubs, the very good comedians like Arthur Askie, Jimmy Tarbuck and Ken Dodd get on the telly - but the real comedians get on the council'.
I have been a councillor for a long, long time in different parts of Liverpool, and that means some of the most deprived parts of the country.
They didn’t go wrong because people failed to be involved, they didn’t go wrong because there wasn’t a sense of community down the Dingle or in Granby.
They went wrong because people like me fundamentally failed the people in those areas.
They failed in the type of policies that they promoted, the planning policies, the housing policies which split communities up.
And they failed because they allowed a difference in delivery between rich areas and poor areas.
So in the context of Liverpool we allowed things to happen in Liverpool 8 which is a working class area, which we would never allowed to happen in Liverpool 18 which is a middle class area.…

...the fundamental challenge must be to convert the rhetoric of people like me - and I can do rhetoric because we have big mouths in Liverpool, we can do that quite well - but we need to convert the rhetoric into reality, in Liverpool 8, in Balshall Health and Sparkbrook, in Hackney, in places like that.
For too long people like me have messed around with the lives of people like you.

Thank you.
How refreshingly direct, Councillor Kemp. Best if you sod off then and stop messing with peoples lives. Hypocrite.


Frank Carson said...

Its another cracker!

Tori Blare said...

Is this for real?
I'm not sure if its one of your Pete Price moments or not?

Tony Parrish47 said...

Absolutely genuine, Tori me old mucker. We couldn't make this stuff up. Maybe the craven Echo will summon up the bottle to challenge him about whether he said it or not. We shall sue if he denies it. He will no doubt take a lofty view and like a good Liberal call for the blog to be shut down and for the council to ban us. Again. The speech is typical of Kemp - thinks he's cleverer than he is. And there's more to come btw - so stay posted!

Professor. Y Chucklebutty said...

Dear oh dear, this is indeed a genuine speech Tori, I have just read it on the "togethrwecan"

I don't know what is more offensive, not being able to spell Arthur Askey's name or labelling everyone from Liverpool big mouthed scousers.

The rest most of us knew but nice to see he did as well and admits it at last, even if only to his high powered mates.

A bit out of touch though, it's been a while since Arthur Askey was on telly and now Parkinson has finished we won't see much of Tarby.

Are you relying on your loyal readership or have you considered mass email hits or something to alert the public to the issues the craven raven Alistair Macrayven of the Hecko ignores?

You are dead right about thinking he is clever. This should go out through the letterboxes in Church Ward.

I hear his mustache may now stand as an independent.

This saves me doing my piece about his previous career as Mr Pastry.

The Tonys said...

Hi Prof. We thought it better to do it this way - thanks very much btw.
PS. If someone were to put an email address, or indeed any number of them, in the little box in the right hand column at the top, they would be sent all of this stuff automatically, of course. Anyone know Kemp's email?

mildred said...

he will have to click on the link when it comes to his email, but richard is now subscribed to this blog :)

Anonymous said...

I am surprised you missed the line:
"If I am not delivering the basic services properly then I
think I should be voted out of office"

Faced with the record investment in Local Government, what does Kemp think?:
"My belief is that unless we do things very differently we will not be finding savings or efficiencies but making cuts and certainly delivering services at a standard lower than that anticipated by our electorate."
Taken from

Or why not promote an organisation such as PLUS, whose board you sit on?

The Tonys said...

We thought we would leave that bit out so some anonymous know-it-all could lecture us about it and show off. Ever thought of starting a blog?

Anonymous said...

Since we're talking about leadership elections, then this should cheer you sad people up.

Labour's support 'at record low'
Liverpool Echo: May 8th 2008

Gordon Brown faced a fresh blow as an opinion poll put the Tories a huge 26% ahead of Labour, whose support fell to its the lowest on record at just 23%.

David Cameron's Opposition, fresh from success at the ballot box last week, secured the support of almost half of voters (49%) in the YouGov survey for The Sun.

Labour's support was even lower than the share of the vote it received in the local election mauling that has heaped massive pressure on the Prime Minister.

The poor results for the Government came a fortnight before Labour faces a crunch by-election in Crewe and Nantwich, a seat the Conservatives hope to wrest from it.

There was some good news for the PM in the poll: his party would be even less popular if it were led by the favourites among his colleagues to succeed him - or even predecessor Tony Blair.

Sad People Person said...

Very badly rattled (not an anagram for the fireman incidentally). Well done the Tonys - keep going!

Anonymous said...

Not even the Fib Dims would be daft enough to elect Kemp as their leader would they????

Wobbly Bloggly was just a nasty but dim bully Kemp is full on dodgy and nasty and a lot of other not very nice things beside

professor Y Cheeredupbutty said...

Oh thank you anonymous, you have cheered us all up. If only Mr Camelot could step into number 10 tomorrow. How I miss the days of mass unemployment,mass destruction of our industrial base, the IRA, Cecil Parkinsons pained expressions, Police the bludgeoning miners at Orgreave, the violence at grunwick, the rise and rise of Rupert Murdoch, Liverpool 8 Bristol, Bradford on fire, the OSD, Tear Gas, the Belgrano, Westland Helicopters and the Face being burned off simon weston and others being aimed to fight for the freedom of British coalite to hold onto the falkands. Oh and the poll tax riots. Oh if only we could have those days back with Dave and his pals back in power it was so uniting. Yes if we can help get the Tories back in power we can probably get a good strong workers movement back together again and force them to re-open my Jam Butty mines. Gordon Brown is apparently a Marmalade man.
As if the Iraq war wasn't bad enough to turn his back on the Jam Mining Industry! Yes i know where my vote is going. Nadia Stewart, The Peoples Austin Princess

But then again this isn't a blog about the Labour leadership or the Tories or even the Lib Dems nationally, it is about Liverpool.

Anonymous said...

i agree. kemp will take over. clein will get knocked out first round and most of his votes are anti-bradley. so kemp it is.

Nostradamus said...

I predict that the Storeyteller will pull his arm out of the Firemans arse and insert it smartly into Kemps shortly after the fireman makes a "Liverpool lib-dems? Were a bunch of tossers" speech in a vain attempt outdo Richard the confessor.

Anonymous said...

We're all fucked if that crook gets in. Henshaw must be loving this.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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