Monday, May 12, 2008

LIB DEM LEADERSHIP RESULT: Oh what a carry-on! Bungling Bradley blunders on!!!!

STOP PRESS: Labour supporters were jubilant tonight after the Lib Dims voted to carry on cocking it up - with the Fireman in charge.
Blundering Badly romped home in the first ballot with 26 votes in favour of his continuing as Leader of the city council.

our supporters broke out the champagne and back-slapped the bewildered Lib Dims in joyful celebration.
Now the Fireman and the Storeyteller can look forward to months of turmoil, civil war and chaos as the Standards Board investigate allegations that both brought their office into disrepute.

And Bradley took a leaf from the impressive and dynamic John Major's little grey book by immediately promising to 'get back to basics'.
More follows, after we crack open a bottle!


Anonymous said...

Well done The Tonys!

Delighted Labour supporter said...

So the cowboy and his posse are still in charge! What an astonishing result. 20 seriously angry LibDems who didnt vote for Bradley will put paid to any notion of team building and unity, whatever Bradley might say in his speechifying.
And 26 mad people, who have just voted for their own demise. Truly astonishing.

Anonymous said...

How dare the Labour Party vote in the leader of the Liberal Democrats?!! This PR nonsense has a lot to answer for!

Now, where's my sash for the Bradley Boys march?

Tori Blare said...

more fodder for us bloggers I think?
Tremendous news for Labour, but of what use is it for anyone else?
Will Liverpool be any better off with this result?
Or will we still have to wait til 2010?

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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