Thursday, May 15, 2008


TODAY'S excellent story in the Daily Post about the Lib Dim 'dirty tricks' campaign for Leader, tells only half the story.
Post readers will now know that the Boot estate report, which roundly condemned Councillor Kemp's previous activities on the estate, was anonymously posted to every member of the Lib Dem group on the eve of Monday's Leadership election.
The report contained enough damaging material on Kemp to successfully do him in, before a single vote had even been cast by Lib Dim councillors.
"Cllr Kemp said he was in no doubt the mailshot had come from within the Lib-Dems to undermine his challenge, as the labels used were virtually identical to those usually used by the party," the Post recounts.
Tsk, tsk.
Whatever next...
  • But who could have been behind such a disgraceful tactic?
  • Who could have descended to such gutter tactics against a member of their own Lib Dim Party?
  • And who stood to gain most from Councillor Kemp's challenge being torpedoed?
These are all interesting questions....
But there can obviously be no truth whatsoever in the astonishing reports that Council Leader Warren Bradley had, by complete co-incidence, asked chief executive Colin Hilton for a copy of the report just a few days before the Leadership ballot.
Nor can there be any truth whatsoever in the extraordinary report that Colin CoverUp dutifully supplied the Fireman with a copy of the Boot Estate report in double quick time.
For that would mean that:
  • a) CoverUp had knowingly conspired with Bradley against Kemp.
  • b) And that Bradley's description of the mystery mailing as 'crass' in today's Post was an example of gross hypocrisy from the city's Leader.
And there remain more questions about the incident of the Boot Estate report.
1) Since it would obviously be absolutely unthinkable for the upstanding Bradley (soon to appear before the Standards Board) to be the mystery mailer - what other purpose could he have had for the report? Bed-time reading?
2) How long will it now take Uncle Joe to get his hands on a copy?
3) Will CoverUp still refuse to give him a copy?
4) And if Bradley did not mail out the report, who on earth within the Lib Dims did?
Any suggestion that the city's first citizen, Councillor Paul Clark, Lord Mayor and a practising barrister, was a willing accomplice, would, of course, be so far-fetched and ludicrous as to be absolutely unthinkable.


Tori Blare said...

Hurst is good a posting things.

nil desperandum said...

Bradley requested the Boot estate report from Hilton under the Freedom of Information Act (FIA). Hilton was obliged to provide it to the person requesting it.

But in fairness to CoverUp, he is not obliged in law to provide it to anyone else. However, if Joe A requests it under FIA, he'll get it.

What Bradley said thereafter is obviously a lie. What's new? And he won, so victors determine the truth

Anonymous said...

there is no evidence that this mailing was done by a lib dem, or even by a councillor. If by a councillor one would assume that she or he would know who the other councillors were. in fact this mailing appears to have missed the new ones and gone to former ones.. suggesting a non councillor working from a pre May 1st list!

tee hee said...

Kemp says it came from within the Lib Dim group. It wouldn't surprise anyone if the Lib Dims didn't know who was who. But why did Bradley want a copy of the report?

Anonymous said...

Kemp's statement is based on an assumption. He has no evidence as the material arrived anonymously. He is of course entitled to make an assumption but there is nothing in the evidence to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, someone appears fairly desperate to distance the Lib Dems from dirty tricks! Wonder if that's the same deluded person who believes Bradley will lead them to an historic victory?

Anonymous said...

The Fireman Fibbing again .... I dont believe that for 1 minute

Anonymous said...

Bradley has just signed his resignation letter. Excellent work Tonys. And a bouquet for David Bartlett at the Post too.

nil desperandum said...

There you go! I bring you the news on Thursday; the Daily Post brings it to you on Saturday.

Today's front page simply confirms what I said above - Bradley used the FIA to get the Boot estate report. Shortly thereafter, it was posted to LibDems. And predictably, Bradley denied all knowledge of it. Liar!

bored said...

we all knew that. like we knew bradley was a liar

Warren & Vomit said...

Well the news that a slimy rat like Storey is going to be Mayor should be a boost to Foghorn Leggarty's campaign for an elected one. How on earth can this totally discredited idiot be considered. What the hell are they thinking of. I suppose it must be the price to make him go quietly from the cabinet. What a sick joke!

Anonymous said...

If the reports are available on the council website then why did he request them under FOI?

Under FOI rules the Council should have just told him to go to the website rather than incur the cost of an officer fetching and printing it. Something not quite right about that bit.

Anonymous said...

Why can't I find these reports on the Council website?

Best eaten cold said...

Good to see the new post on the evil cabal blog, boys - and that your not letting that odious little bastard Henshaw off the hook!

Prof said...

I see that the lighten the gloom and raise a titter,
Our wonderful local newspaper is asking readers to send
in humorous Limericks. Mrs Chucklebutty is more of a
Poet than me and has penned the two topical offerings below.
I am not convinced the echo will publish, as she could not
get a rhyme for the last line and the standard of Echo poetry
is usually very high.

A report that had dropped on my mat
Labelled Kemp as the Boot Estate Prat
It was ordered by Bradley
Who knew things could go badly
Now the Lib dems all know he’s a...Tricky one

The Echo has sent an invite
“Send your Limericks in every night,
Or design a nice bench
Just don’t mention the stench
from corrupt and incompetent…. reprobates

Dame Butty-Packer said...

Oh Professor you are wonderful - you didnt tell me there was a Mrs Chucklebutty though !

Little Tone said...

Fireman Bradley is a fraud
He is Postman Pat truly
But when he gets to the Standards Board
He will look even more of a fooly-y

Roger mcGough said...

Whatever happened to the Storeyteller?
He was always a wierd fella
Thought he should be the tops
But he should be in the stocks
And then spend rather a long time hanging his head in shame and begging forgiveness for the all the harm and damage that he has caused.

I couldnt find a rhyme for the last bit.

Knowing said...

There once was an evil cabal
Where Henshaw was top of the pals
He got greedy and sank
And the blog made a stank

So Tony had the last laugh
He really blew their gaff
While Cover Up groaned
And Bradley moaned
He made them look really daft

Anonymous said...

So the search goes on for the real Tonys
'Who is Spartacus?' ask the usual phonies
Don't bother hunting, you'll just look a prat
We know his true name is really....

Anonymous said...

Uncle Joe is not slow
To go after the dough
Soon he will have no excuse
But to turn the dogs loose
And make sure the Fireman and CoverUp go to jail for a very long time, and not get any time off for good behaviour (obviously)

Anonymous said...

I think the Fireman got his mum to write the letter that accompanied the report, Paul Twigger to photcopy them and use somebody elses stamps before giving them to Hurst to post. Saying that Bradley probably delivered them as his speach after re-eclection ( on craven web site ) kept going on about "delivering" was something on his mind ( what little there is? )

Prof said...

So now we know why the Dancing Queen decided not to stand. She couldn't win but could make Wally lose by splitting his vote and letting Tricky Dicky Kemp in. So the responsibilities of Deputy Leadership are not so great as having to distract from dealing with the personal pressing matters - the ironing possibly - that prevented her standing.

As for Hurst? There's people in the court, they think it's all over! It is now! Almost.

Anonymous said...

Oh deary me. looks like the Liverpool sound concert might be turning into this years Mathew Street cock up. Many Macca fans are totally pissed off at having their top price tickets allocated in the Kop where tickets were originally the lowest priced. Some have even ben sent out tickets witha face value of £55 after paying £75.

Another culture company disaster.

Anonymous said...

Have all of Liverpool's dirty secrets been aired now?

Come on Tony's stories are a bit slow at the mo, whats going on?

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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