Thursday, January 24, 2008


Fireman Bradley has been forced to back down in his row with the Daily Post over their reporting of his secret meeting with Lee Forde.
By throwing in the towel, the ‘bang-to-rights’ fireman has virtually admitted: “I lied.”
Bradley told a meeting of Liverpool city council on December 12th that he had complained both to the editor of the Daily Post and the Press Complaints Commission over coverage of his extraordinary meeting with Mr Forde.
His Lib Dem colleagues gave him a standing ovation after an emotional tirade which conjured up visions of motherhood, apple pie and schoolboy footie teams.
But, we can now exclusively reveal, the fibbing fireman appears to have suffered some short term memory loss during his speech.
This is what he told the city council: “I have made a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission and the editor. If a retraction is not forth-coming, I will take it further.”
In fact, Councillor Bradley has not made a complaint to the PCC.
They have no record at all of any complaint from the fireman.
A spokesman for the PCC added: “The last complaint about the Liverpool Daily Post was in May 2007 – and that was nothing to do with councillors. We have had no complaint from Councillor Warren Bradley.”
Perhaps this was yet another porky that Bradley has told to try and save his neck?
But why does any of this matter? (Just wondering that? eds)
Because Bradley now appears to have accepted that he lied to the Daily Post when they first asked him about his secret rendezvous with Lee Forde (who he had hung out to dry over Mathew Street two days earlier.)
Let us recap.
When contacted by the Daily Post about the cloak and dagger meeting Bradley, as usual, blurted out the first thing that came into his head. He denied ever meeting Mr Forde.
The Daily Post has helpfully explained what happened:
Cllr Bradley was asked by our reporter about his meeting with Mr Forde, and replied: "Which meeting?"
Our reporter then told him that he was referring to a meeting at Cllr Bradley’s home on November 18. Cllr Bradley’s unambiguous response was: "I never had a meeting with him."’
Quite properly, the Daily Post reported that Bradley had at first denied the meeting. This was Lie Number 1.
The fireman only admitted the meeting had taken place later, when confronted with the email evidence and Mr Forde’s own sworn testimony.
Hot-headed Bradley, in a desperate attempt to then try and silence the Post, fired off two letters to the Editor threatening him with the Press Complaints Commission.
In a scene fresh out of Monty Python, Bradley found himself issuing a denial that he had issued a denial.
(It really doesn’t get much better than this, does it? You couldn’t make it up! eds)
Bradley’s PCC threat, we now learn, was totally bogus.
He has made no such complaint.
He daren’t - because he would lose and be left swinging in the wind.
And he committed a fourth lie by misleading the council that he had already submitted a complaint. When he hadn’t.
Perhaps someone should complain to the Standards Board?
What all this means is that Bradley now accepts that he lied to the DPost when he denied secretly meeting Mr Forde.
We shall return to Lies No 2 and 3…


Anonymous said...

Pants on fire???

puzzled said...

so he lied first to the daily post. then he lied to the council itself. why doesn't a councillor take action against him then?



bumbling idiot bradders said...

thats a dam lie you horrible person, I didn't do it I wasn't there you can't prove it!

watching said...

Has there been a retraction from the Daily Post? no......

sitting bull said...

The Fireman speak with forked tongue

Anonymous said...

Bradley has been lied to consistently by Storey, Hilton, Harbarow and friends he is simply following their lead, he does not know any better and has not got a mind of his own.
Its not fair picking on him like this Harbarow caused all the problems he has, and the funny thing is Bradley did not want him to lead the Culture Company it was Storey who put him in place I doubt Bradley will ever forgive him for backing down and letting him take the job.
If only you could turn back time eh Warren?

Tryingtofollow said...

So Bradley first lied to the Daily Post when he denied meeting Lee Forde. Now he has admitted that. then he lied when he said that he had told the chief executive all about the meeting with Forde. What was the third lie Tony's?

Tony Parrish47 said...

He lied a third time wheh he said that the meeting was at Forde's instigation and it was Lee Forde who first texted him, requesting the meeting. Forde's phone bill reveals that he only texted Bradley AFTER Bradley's five emails to him. The fourth lie, of course, was to the city council, telling them that he had complained to the PCC.

tryingtofollow said...

Oh yes, i had forgotten that. Thanks Tony's!

Tony Parrish47 said...


Municipalist said...

Of course it was Storey's weakness in the first place which resulted in the Harbarrowboy's appointment - ever since, Bradley has been trying to get rid of him. After Mathew St, Storey joined the plot. They are just hopelessly incompetent at doing this - they literally, couldn't run the proverbial piss-up. Which is why they need to go. Although whether Labour's Anderson has the strength and determination to sort out Halsall and Hilton and a few others, is another question. Not if he relies on some in his group. Bradley certainly hasn't got the bottle.

CouncilTax Payer said...

Yes the battle between Storey and Harbarrowboy escalated into a tug of war over the funds for the city's birthday and the Mathew Street festival became the casualty along with Forde.
This childish attitude has continued with the resignation of Green and the attempt to buy off Harbarrowboy.
Bradley and storey are a laughing stock and so is the city as the Culture Company pours money into the program so as not to end up in the same situation as 2007 with cancelled events.
They will happen at any cost says Bradley, but who will pay in the end? The City and its Citizens in order to save the reputation of two tosspots!
You coul'nt make it up !!

Anonymous said...

The fireman is to lying what Eddie the Eagle was to Ski Jumping. We all know he is crap at it but he gives it a go anyway.

Harry said...

running the city is something hes crap at as well but still has a go to the detriment of us all

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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