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The following is an email exchange between the interim Assistant Executive Director for Sport and Culture, Chris Briggs, to the Culture Company Events team:

From: Briggs, Chris
Sent: 07 April 2006 14:59
To: Blakeman, Kirstie

Subject: Mathew Street Festival



Judith Feather mentioned to you my sons rock band "SIRENS" and that I was hoping I could get them one of the local band slots on the stage at thisyears festival.
I haven't heard anything yet, do you need any more information from me ?
They are a Merseyside band of 5 in their early 20's . They have played gigs at the ZanziBar, Bar Fly , The Magnet and many more. They are all very good musicians, write their own songs and are very good live performers. I think Judith will have already given you one of their CD's
Could you give me a ring on my mobile 07740 918614

Thanks for your help


-----Original Message-----
From: Blakeman, Kirstie <>
To: Briggs, Chris <>
CC: Whitehead, Susan <>
Sent: Fri Apr 07 15:41:20 2006

Subject: RE: Mathew Street Festival

Hi Chris,

Yes, Judith did forward your son's demo CD.
All performers for the new bands stage have been considered and chosen by a panel of local music industry professionals. The selected artists will be approached once all details on the event have been finalised; to ensurecorrect information is being released. All artists will be contacted prior to the end of May. Please bear with us; as you can appreciate there has been a huge number of performers wanting to take part at this year's festival.

Kind regards,


Senior Events Manager
Liverpool Culture Company

-----Original Message-----

From: Briggs, Chris
Sent: 13 April 2006 19:54
To: Blakeman, Kirstie

Subject: Re: Mathew Street Festival


Thanks for the note

I understand there will be a lot of applicants. Can you let me know if I have followed the correct process by sending in the CD I don't recall filling in any application form or providing details of the band, do I need to do this ??


Chris Briggs

Head of Sport and Recreation

-----Original Message-----

From: Blakeman, Kirstie

Sent: 18 April 2006 10:48
To: Briggs, Chris

Subject: RE: Mathew Street Festival

Hi Chris,

Yes, you've provided enough information thanks.

For next years event we are looking into producing a form on the internet for applicant submissions, but for this year there has been no specific process apart form sending CD's in.Kind regards,

Senior Events Manager

Liverpool Culture Company







Anonymous said...

its amazing isn't it how perfectly normal he seems to think his request is.

Anonymous said...

its obviously just routine everyday sort of corruption, rather than the amazing mcilheinny style lets rip liverpool off corruption, which has cost us millions. but still the same thing.

Stunned payer of rates said...

a rare and exquisite opportunity to view at first hand the way the Evil Cabal manipulate and behave.

Eternal thanks to you Tonys for sharing this window on how the slimy tosspots act.

sickofit said...

i agree. a great insight. so this is how business is done by our beloved council. its a wonder cover up can show his face in the morning.

Music Fan said...

Its an unbelievably slimey approach to a junior officer with veiled threats,I have applied where is my slot do you have enough information to grant my request? (what's stopping this happening)
The shame is it worked they did play and got paid for it.
corruption at every level and a bullying regime this typifies how they work.

Tony Parrish47 said...

We didn't know they got paid for appearing too - do you know how much? If this is true - and we sincerely hope it is - it proves there was a financial gain from their appearance.....

Colin CoverUp said...

It is perfectly acceptable for people to use their positions with the council to further the careers or interests of their relatives.

watchdog said...

This is quite incredible. No action taken, no investigation, no suspension. CoverUp should be hauled in front of the Standards Board for bringing the city into disrepute.

Anonymous said...

They can't get away with this one, surely?

cynical said...

oh yes they will

Victor Meldrew said...

Do you know the worst thing about this is that this man doesn't understand apostrophes? What sort of world do we live in? I ask you. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

If you think it couldn't get worse - it does. Jayne Casey boring the pants off everyone by droning on at the ambassadors event in the new arena tonight. Not only that but choosing (for some reason) to slag off Cork who hosted CoC in 2005 and (for really unknown reason) Derby too!!
she was deranged, boring and very nearly managed to clear the building.

Radiorogerside said...

Well what a turn up, seems the corrupt officials in post within this City dont appear to be computer literate. You could always deny a telephone conversation took place (but then ansaphone and message record scuttled that) so this slimey dick-head thought email was a new, nudge, nudge tool...what a shock for him to discover messages can be recovered. If I were the mischevious type!..which I am not..his mobile phone (As he freely offers his number) might be worth a call to let him know his collar could still be felt..Who knows if he gets enough calls he might change his number and then become unobtainable!

getsmuchworse... said...

more on Ms Casey - blathering on for hours tonight about Liveeeeerpooooolllll bands, like knoworramean, in her gob the size of the mersey tunnel kind of way. and nigel jameson, robbing archer's toyboy, talking about the city's talent and what a wonderful experience he has had here - no wonder on the money he has been making for sitting around thinking thoughts. The Farm played - Bradley has obviously lifted his ban on them. He didn't have the good grace to stay to hear them play tho - he scarpered early in disgust. Doesn't look a well man tho. very strained, a bit flabby and looking nervously over his shoulder all the time. perhaps he is waiting for the backstabbers. Or the Standards Board? His speech was boring and crap. Then the white hope redmond did his turn - he was just like a Phoenix Nights extra - he got together with Pete Price (ugh - horrible professional scouser)and forced the audience to do a mexican wave for some obscure reason.
There wasn't 8,000 there as promised.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Chris Brigg's sons band should have played the opening.

Nice to see judith feather tried to bully them into putting on her mate chris's band.

Chris Briggs is also a mate of Warren Bradley's too, funny that is'nt it

Anonymous said...

Not one of the highly paid or otherwise lofty lot had any kind of script tonight. They treated the audience with contempt: rambling and incoherent. At least one of them was apparently the worse for

The Farm and the kids from Streetwaves were the only positive elements. All the rest were boring, patronising and cynical. How is it, now the money has been spent, that "its all up to you guys" now? Any crap act or event must get a standing ovation or "Liverpooooooool" will have failed to live up to the effort and commitment of the paid professionals who have "delivered 2008".................This just gets worse and worse...........

Anonymous said...

What's any of this got to do with the people of Liverpool? What the fuck is an 08 ambassador anyway? Do they live in Norris Green? Do they struggle with deep debt, ill health, shit education and unemployment, like the most of the city? Or are they just a bunch of carefully chosen, overdrunk chattering classes on yet another freebie, plucked from the list of yet another of the 1000 PR companies hired for this shit? Disgusting.

truthseeker said...

Did anybody notice the part that Judith Feather played in this drama?
As Line manager putting pressure on her minions, basicly asking them to ignore procedures and rules??

And to think she is still there plotting her evil plans together with her inner circle (Bill Heckle, Mike Richmond, Peter Lewis)

Talk about evil cabal,she is in the centre of it. I

Investigate that, Tonys!

Anonymous said...

what's that bill heckle fella got to do with anything?

Anonymous said...

I signed up as an ambassador and am not one of the "chattering classes". I signed up because regardless of the farce that the Culture company have created, I am still proud of my city and proud we are capital of culture and I wanted to support it.

The event at the arena gets worse though. What ambassadors were not told was that the arena had no safety certificate for the event. The event was effectively to get that certificate. However, they did not tell the ambassadors and volunteers this. Perhaps, if some people had known that the arena could not guarantee their safety (and neither could the police or fire brigade), even if the arena was working towards that, then they may not have brought their kids.

Tonys Parrishioners said...

On the arena, for the first time in our lives, we are tending to agree with everyone! We absolutely understand and share Amabassador's views. But we also share the views from Croxteth. And isn't that the nub of the argument? That CoC has signally failed to enlist, motivate and enthuse the people who need it most? Most of all where are the 14,000 jobs for Liverpool's unemployed, where are the decent training schemes, where are people being given hope of a better life for themselves and their families? Where is the aspiration raised, the ambition unleashed, the horizons extended? It is becoming a corporate fest for the well-heeled and the well connected - with the honourable exception of, as has already been pointed out, great initiatives such as the Streetwaves kids, with whom we have a personal interest - as well as a political one. Its just that we get the feeling and the distinct impression that people like Redmond and Bullshitter are just using these kids to tick the box that says engagement and inclusivity. It is tokenism. It does not run right through the programme at all. It is an add on. An afterthought. A gesture. And once 2008 is over, these kids willl go back to being marginalised and ignored and forgotten by these ****s who have made a fast buck out of them and who have used and manipulated their hope and energy and enthusiasm to further their own egos and individual positions... And that's why we get so angry. And why we think other people - a small, but thoughtful number in Liverpool and elsewhere, share our anger. Incidentally, that's why we keep going with the blog. And the comments on this post, only further encourage us....

truthseeker said...

Bill Heckle was paid a lot of money by the culture club to contract bands for Mathew Street 2007 and have them play in the pubs and clubs.
Bands that at that time were already contracted and paid for by the culture club....

He took the money never the less and made a lot more money by selling beer that day.

Ever wondered why he always speaks so positively about Chris Green and Judith Feather?

You do the math:

1. getting paid to do fuck all
2. get bands to play your club for
3. make shitloads of money by
selling beer

Thank you innercircle!

Anonymous said...

And that is why I love this blog so much

thruthseeker said...

Oh by the way hasn't Feathers former neighbour Richmond recently been appointed project manager for the tall ships as well as safety officer for the opening event?

Tony Parrish47 said...

how much was heckle paid then by the CoC?

thruthseeker said...

in the area of 25.000

SHOCKED said...

25 grand a year? what for?

Radiorogerside said...

Hey you guys lighten up if the 'Little drummer boy' in this band was named Harry Belafonte none of this fuss would have been made. So what's a persons name got to do with sing... 'All together now'.....Our Ringo (The tax exile)is going to flog a brilliant album on the back of the opening event...he will be singing..'Things can only get better'... this is what its all been about the Capital of Collateral..for the carpet baggers and snake oil salesmen. Do you remember the Geordies gave us the arial banner to fly over the city. Saying 'We Won'..didn't we just.

tony's supporters said...

part of us thinks, this is beginning to become totally surreaL. THANKS TO RADIO ROGERSIDE. however, there was an unbelievably sycophantic tribute to redmond on radio4 today which also makes us think - keep on keeping on, these bastards live in their own tiny world of luvvies and ego and slebs (celebrities) and that world has never reduced the unemployment figueres, increased the training figures, or improved health amongst people in liverpool.
so fuck off AND DON'T YOU DARE LECTURE US ANYMORE, YOU BASTARDS. keeping silent has made matters worse. it has not helped our city...

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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