Saturday, January 12, 2008


OUR exclusive picture reveals Jason Harborow, Chief Executive of the Liverpool Culture Company (and currently on sick leave apparently, eds) carousing with Colin Hilton, Chief Eecutive of Liverpool city council, which is in negotiations with solicitors to pay-off the Harbarrowboy with £250,000 of council taxpayers money.
The happy couple were snapped by one of our supporters at last night's after-show party at the Empire to celebrate the launch of Liverpool, Capital of Culture, 2008.
(We apologise for the poor quality - but would also like to unreservedly praise our brave and intrepid cameraman for having the bottle to snatch these two in the act, eds)
Both men laughed and joked as they downed the free beer and wine which flowed (they had to pay for spirits at the bar so they opted for the free stuff instead, eds)
The Harbarrowboy also spent some time locked in conversation with the smiling assassin Hasitall (Mr Phil Halsall, Executive Director) who controls the city council's purse strings and has so far allowed the council to chalk up £29 million of debts, mainly because of Jason's incompetence.
Who invited Jase is not clear. Who allowed him into the party is also not clear. But he obviously appears, to coin a phrase, to have "friends in high places."
His presence has already caused minor ructions, however.
(Thank Christ someone at least understands what is proper behaviour and what is totally improper behaviour, eds)
Councillor Marilyn Fielding, who has a deserved reputation as the rottweiller McElhinney's tame poodle, has surprisingly objected in the strongest possible terms and has emailed her Lib Dem colleague's with a tirade against the Harbarrowboy, demanding heads should roll because of his presence.
So she is obviously not completely beyond redemption.
But nothing of course will happen and CoverUp will no doubt mumble the usual bureacratic bollocks to any councillors who attempts to challenge both his personal and professional behaviour, integrity and honesty.


Readers are invited to supply the best caption to our exclusive photo....


Echo ed said...

bloody hell tone, that's a ****ing good picture. Wish we had that!

Sayers Pasty said...

Harrbarrowboy : Eeh ecky thump this beers good for nowt has that sin where pies are thoour.

Cover up : Calm down calm down theres plenty more freebies where that came from how do you think me covering up is going this time?

Harrbarrowboy: Its champion jooost champion now shuuu me thurse pies

INN CIDER said...

Cover Up : Fancy Meeting you here jase thought you were off sick?

Barrowboy: I am but bin selling 08 t shirts at the event and sneeaked in back dooor to aw word with Phil see ow me pay off is gooin.
Nice little earner them T shirts Col, Ah notice your wearin one of me jackets too, should have seen me ad av done thee a deel thee nose your lookin after me least I can do

Anonymous said...

Cover up: "How did you get in here you little Orange Bastard thought we had got rid of you?"

Harbarow: "Judith Feather sneaked me in, in her bra were best mates y'know" "where's me dosh anyhow ya lanky git?"

Tori Blare said...

Hilton to Jason... My god you really DO look like the tango man!

Anonymous said...

Cover Up: I'll see you tomorrow at the Albert Dock bash Jase

senor said...

Hilton to Jase:
Any chance of a fortnight in the sun at the hacienda for me and me bird? We just looooove ice cream!

Korean Dogwood said...

Not a caption but just want to say great work on the blog! It's like that episode of the Simpsons where Homer sets up a gossip website. It's all too cool my friend.

I am working on getting some stickers printed up to distribute throughout the city with the aim of 1)promoting this blog & 2)exposing what's going on.

Any idea's are more than welcome!

Coin-operated boy said...

Harbarrowboy : "would you like to dance or should I go & fuck myself again?"

pc said...

Jase: "I'm fightin' fit colin me old mucker, never felt better tha knows, all that sun and ice cream, 'appen. Can i ave me job back then?
CoverUp: "The fireman says fuck off"

Blind Auditer said...

not caption but suggestion for korean dog wood.

Ask the Barrowboy he may just put you in touch with his mates solutions who produce marketing materials, that way old jase will get a cut too

Anonymous said...

Harbarrow "C'mon Col lets go out on the balcony and piss on some proles"

Radiorogerside said...

Jason is over here for good reason, to remind the incompetent financial controllers in the city council. The euro rate is falling dramatically on the currency markets, therefore it would be only right and proper for him to have his pay-off adjusted to take account of this situation. Incidentaly he is only asking his mate Colin to sign off his expense's claim form before he jets back to Spain.

Kennylad said...

£250,000 is obviously a marvellous tonic.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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