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It is 2006.

City Council Head of Sport, Chris Briggs is trying to get his son's band, SIRENZ a gig at the Mathew Street Festival in the summer.

He has already emailed the Capital of Culture Events Team several times, pushing for the band to be handed a top slot.

But so far, he has got no joy. An independent panel of judges is deciding which bands are to appear. SIRENZ have been sidelined.

Now Mr Briggs decides to pull rank and go over the heads of the Events Team.

He decides to drop Jason Harborow a line at the Culture Company.

Surely Jason can fix it for Briggs?

The Harbarrowboy is meanwhile trying to get the job of Executive Director for Culture, Media & Sport with the city council. When his CoC contract comes to an end after 2008, he can slip into another well-paid sinecure. This is the 'bigger picture'.

It would help his chances if he could ensure that Briggs, a potential rival for the post of Exec Director and a close associate of Council Leader Warren Bradley, owed him a favour or two.

Now read on...

-----Original Message-----
From: Briggs, Chris
Sent: 20 April 2006 15:33
To: Harborow, Jason
Subject: Mathew Street Festival


See below the dialogue I have been having with Kirsty Blakeman. My sons group is call "SIRENS" They are a Merseyside band of 5 in their early 20's . They have played gigs at the ZanziBar, Bar Fly , The Magnet and many more, they have also had their songs played by Billy Butler of his Friday afternoon show.

They are all very good musicians, write their own songs, are very good live performers and would be an ideal local band for the festival.

Thanks for your help on this

Chris Briggs
Head of Sport & Recreation

-----Original Message-----
From: Harborow, Jason
Sent: 25 April 2006 12:16
To: Briggs, Chris

Subject: RE: Mathew Street Festival


I have undertaken some discreet investigation. The groups will be selected by a peer group, the team have all the info they need.
I hope your sons group are selected

Jason Harborow
Chief Executive
Liverpool Culture Company

-----Original Message-----

From: Briggs, Chris
Sent: 07 June 2006 09:57
To: Harborow, Jason

Subject: Mathew Street Festival / Sons Band SIRENZ


Did you listen to the CD I gave you ?

I havnt had any feed back yet from the team about if my sons band SIRENZhave been selected to play.

I understand there are other stages being put up one of which is in Crosby Village. As a Crosby band they would be more than happy to play there.

Any chance ??

This is their web site with 3 sample songs playing.

I can imagine how busy you are but I would really appreciate you and/or Lee's help on this.

Any chance



Chris Briggs
Head of Sport & Recreation
-----Original Message-----
From: Harborow, Jason
Sent: 07 June 2006 10:35
To: Forde, Lee
Cc: Blakeman, Kirstie

Subject: FW: Mathew Street Festival / Sons Band SIRENZ


I really need this to happen due to bigger picture issues.

Please can you find a slot for them and let me know.



Jason Harborow
Chief Executive



Anonymous said...

listened to the music , alright i may be on the wrong side of 30 but its still shite

Victor Meldrew said...

He still doesn't understand apostrophes, does he? Or the fact that Sirenz does not naturally end in the letter Z.

Disillusioned said...

What a slimey arrogant gob**** that Briggs is.

As for Jase and his "bigger picture" (Bigger pies?)- Did we really give that Orange Pie Muncher a £250K pay off? Surely having both their collars felt would be more appropriate.

As for the Feckless Fireman what is he going to do about this with his coverup collaborator???

Tori Blare said...

I agree with anonymous, the music is shite, goes on and on and on! Boring.
Pipe and slippers tripe.
Don't know why everyone is shocked about Chris Briggs?
He is a WELL KNOWN gobshite, how else do you think he got where he is?!


I am not going to do anything about this, because I would much rather hush it all up and pay Jase off in Culture year.
I have the city's reputation to think of, after all!
This all needs to be swept under the carpet and properly covered-up.
Leave aside the fact that all this happened under my very nose.
Leave aside the fact that the Leader of the Opoosition, Councillor Anderson has raised this matter with me and demanded a proper investigation.
Leave aside the fact that until Jase accepts the resignation deal on offer to him, I still have two extremely senior officers in my team who were obviously stitching this up between them.
What matters is that I ensure we give the appearance to the rest of the world that I am the chief executive of a competent, honest, fair and responsible organisation.
I have not got the time or the inclination to be at all bothered about any local bands which did not appear at Mathew Street?
It is their fauilt if they haven't got relatives high up in the council or the Culture Company.
What do I care about any of the young Liverpool kids who were not given a slot?
I can't help it if SIRENZ jumped the queue and drove a coach and horses through the established procedures?
That was all in the past.
This is all rock n roll stuff and nothing to do with me, as chief executive.
I leave all that kind of thing to Mr Hasitall, as you know.
I am getting on with building a first class organisation with an unimpeachable record for transparency, integrity and propriety.
(Is that alright, Warren? Will you tell Chris not to worry?)

Anonymous said...

corrupt beyond belief I bet this is the tip of the ice berg.

makes sense now why they paid harbrow off I bet he has bigger stuff to spill.

did they gag him?

Anonymous said...

Did they actually get a slot on a stage do we know?

Tony Parrish47 said...

Yes, they got a slot. Stay posted....

Anonymous said...

I see that the Fireman is booked to appear on the Pete Price phone in on wednesday night (9 Jan).

Wouldn't it be wonderful of Tony Parrish were to ring him and ask him a few questions like "Will Sirenz be appearing st the Mathew Street festival this year?" and Will he be offering Jase an interesting position under himself when his contract is up?

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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