Tuesday, January 29, 2008


THE worst financially-run council in the country today gave £250,000 to the Harbarrowboy as a reward for failure.

(You couldn't make this up, eds)

Liverpool city council Chief Executive Colin CoverUp gave the go-ahead for the huge pay-off to the barrowboy who has spent the last five months on the sick and on full-pay at his hacienda in Spain.

His departure is due to be officially announced on Thursday - but will be front page in the Daily Post tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Audit Commission today named Liverpool as the worst financially-managed local authority in England.

The city council is now at least £29million in the red after failing to properly budget for Liverpool, Capital of Culture 2008 - which was partly chief executive Jason Harborow's responsibility.

Jase went on the sick in September after cocking up Liverpool's world-famous Mathew Street Festival and forcing its cancellation.

Since then, Fireman Bradley has got into big trouble with the Standards Board for trying to lure former Events chief Lee Forde into a 'Peroni Plot' to oust the hated Jase.

Amazingly, Jase's mega pay-off of council taxpayers money does not include a 'gagging clause' preventing him from speaking out in the future.

Which has only increased speculation amongst The Tonys, that chief exec Hilton and his sidekick, the smiling assassin Hasitall (whose 'reputation' for financial management is now irretrievably destroyed) have deliberately left the way open for Jase to try and kill-off Bradley.

(What goes around, comes around, eds)

Firstly, Harbarrowboy could sell his story to the News of the Screws for millions (just a joke - but he could sell it to the Daily Post for a Sayers pastie, eds).

Secondly, Jase could also now join Joe Anderson and submit a formal complaint to the Standards Board about Bradley.

This time Bradley would be accused of bullying Jase and undermining his position by sending an email to Hilton demanding Jase's head on a plate.

Looks like the lazy Hilton and incompetent Hasitall have therefore decided to cut their losses with Bradley and have teed it up for Jase to have a go back.

Meanwhile we can exclusively reveal details of the joint statement issued by Our Lord Redmond and CoverUp to mark Jase's departure for a life of ice-cream cones back at the hacienda.

It goes something like this:

"Jase has made an invaluable contribution to the success of Capital of Culture, blah-blah, he has been instrumental in re-building Liverpool's reputation nationally and internationally, blah-blah, we couldn't have done it without his efforts, blah blah, effective and competent leadership skills, blah-blah, thanks to Jase we have now moved into delivery phase, blah-blah, no need for Jase anymore now that we have Our Lord in charge, blah-blah, wish Jase well in future ventures, blah-blah, sorry about dodgy ticker, blah-blah, city always be grateful for everything that he has done, blah-blah, lots of ice cream and feet-up now, blah-blah, ta-ra matey, blah-blah-hope you knife Bradley on way out, blah-blah".

In other words, Harborow was an overpaid used car salesman who was promoted way out of his depth and tried to bullshit his way through the Culture Company, banking on the Government coming to his rescue in the end and baling him out, but then he cocked up Mathew Street and it all went pear-shaped so publicly, that he had to go.


disgusted said...

sickening that Lee Forde leaves without a penny in his pocket, despite having done nothing wrong and the barrowboy gets away with a quarter of a million quid of my money, for fucking up. once again the bad guys win.

Jase said...

Naow thin naow thin houw meny paies can ahhI buy wi't all that muuney?

Amanda Herringtan said...

I love you, Orange Man,
Now you're a real Big Spender;
Would you like to take me up The 'acienda?

will said...

spot on final paragraph, tonys.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the barrowboy is also being headhunted to do adverts for cuprinol?

Anonymous said...

no way will he knife the fireman he has been well and truly gagged !
Look at the bollocks press statments they have both put out, they are contrived and untrue.
If his job was done then why was he appointed Executive Director for Culture Media and Sport?
That job has only just started, you can see that he has insisted on sign off of the statment the city have put out, he was not successful they are not happy with his performance he is the cause of all their ills.
He is a bad manager and crap CEO get back to selling things off the back of a truck you tosser.

municipalist said...

bradley hasn't done the deal - hilton has. he wants jase to get bradley now. its henshaw v storey all over again

Anonymous said...

it really is a total disgrace....

Anonymous said...

The awful Echo says the council is £60million in the red now! Shouldn't the Government be shortly sending in a Commissioner to examine how they have fucked up so bradley?

Anonymous said...

Yes Deal was done by "Hilton The Dull" protecting his little pie eating mate. Hilton the Dullard has major contempt for bradley all this will come out soon.

Halsall would have made a better CEO than the incredibly bland Hilton who was foolish enough to be scammed by Jason (Arthur Daley) Harbarow.
THey are all out of the way now so lets see how Bradley and Hilton the Dull duel it out.

Tony Parrish47 said...

Comparing Jase to Arfur Daley is a bit like comparing Jack the Ripper to Mother Theresa.
Except Mother Theresa was not as funny as Arfur.
And anyone who says the smiling assassin Hasitall would have been a better CEO than Hilton must be certifiably insane.
First of all my tortoise Trigger would have been a better CEO than Hilton.
Faster on the uptake, certainly.
Secondly, if you seriously think a Treasurer who has allowed the city council to get into the red by between £29 million and £60 million (he can't seem to make up his mind on the precise figures) has the makings of a chief executive, you must be out of your tiny mind.
Hasitall is now trying to put all the blame on the Lib Dims in a desperate attempt to try and salvage some reputation as being financially competent.
Which he clearly isn't.
But then he can always tap up Chas for a few mill.
The truth, of course, is that both Hasitall and the Lib Dims are equally to blame for this astonishing mess.
And in any event, it's obvious that Professor Chucklebutty, from whom we hope to be hearing soon, would make the best chief exec by a nautical mile.
Although he obviously wouldn't be as amusing as CoverUp.

Anonymous said...

yes i agree Halsall would cock it up like the budget.
Lets hope labour clear them out in may when they get in in may.
cant be that hard Storey did it in 1999

J said...

I posted this on Cllr Baldock's blog earlier so I hope yo don't mind me reproducing it here.
Background: Cllr Bradley has been saying that the Audit Commission is politically motivated (a slur if ever there was one) and been defending the Lib Dem record.

The only thing that was politically motivated was keeping the Council tax down as well as underfunding of social care and housing. During the tie of this Lib Dem administration we have seen them pulled up by watchdogs in precisely those areas Bradley wants to crow about.
And let's not forget that the Auditor's report is not only about where they spent the money but also how. Anyone who cares to look through the guidelines to the Audit Commission's Use of Resources (believe me I am used to it and it is useful for insomnia) will see that it covers a huge area. To be labelled as below minimum requirements is truly appalling.
Where else was considered "below minimum requirements"? Was it the other great cities? Those most affected by the same problems as Liverpool as Warren would have us expect? Err...not exactly:
Dacorum (Tory),
Great Yarmouth (Tory),
Hart (NOC with Lib Dem and Tory),
Mid Devon (NOC with Lib Dem and Tory),
Northampton, (Lib Dem)
Norwich, (NOC Labour/Lib Dem/Green)
Waveney (Tory
West Somerset (Independent).

My, what company Liverpool keeps!

The Fourth Estate said...

I'm no Halsall fan but he has not "allowed" the Council get £60m in the red by simple ineptness. By giving illiterate and thick councillors like Turner, Bradley and Clein the rope to hang themselves, he has now engineered a situation where he can effectively take over how the council is run. Such is the law. If it carries on, he will, under his powers , be able to step in and govern everything from where they invest millions on social care to deciding who can buy a paperclip. In fact, if he did not step in he would face criminal proceedings. Therefore, he is duty could to do so and even Hilton will have no power to stop him.

The Fourth Estate said...

It pains me to say this but I feel I need to append it to my post a few moments earlier.
It is no use slagging off people on here for things they are legally bound to do. You can attack the laws that decree it so but lets rise above pettiness and personality (ie lets rise above this current administration) and point to the facts.
The Tonys generally have done so (with notable, perhaps reasonable, exceptions) but this should be a forum for critique that cannot be dismissed as a "bunch of cranks". So when people attack current officers they should bear in mind just exactly what these officers have to do. Then we will get somewhere with a coherent message.

Speechless said...

If the people of this city allow the Daily Telegraph-reading grinning assassin Hasitall, who favoured his friend Chas with millions of pounds of our money, to make decisions about care services and charges, then we deserve all the chaos and negative publciity that will result. It's a fucking utter disgrace....

Tony Parrish47 said...

To the Fourth Estater - a thoughtful contribution. I don't think anyone questions he would have the legal right/obligation to do what you have helpfully pointed out. But i think the objection many people will have is because they know Hasitall's personal and professional record and that he is as much to blame for the financial mess, as the Lib Dims. Otherwise why are the people of Liverpool paying him more than £200K a year? To count beans?

Anonymous said...

This is a great debate and demonstrates that the blog is widley read.
Obviously comments are not placed by most readers but when debates like this come along I would encourage people to comment as it is proven that this site does and can influence opinion in the highest places.

Keep it up.

Tony Parrish47 said...


JB said...

Can citizens take a class action against the leadership to claim back the £100 per council taxpayer mis-spent by management that falls below even minimum standards?

Tori Blare said...

Hasitall was "advised" not to apply for the post of CEO. The Lib Dems know he was and still is a close aly of Macca and Henny hen.
He is one of the origional EVIL CABALISTS! No one in Liverpool should ever ever forget that he brought Matt Finnegan down remember and made sure his mate Cole got the lucrative summer pops contracts and his own son got to be the supporting group behind Status Quo, at one of the summer pops concerts!
Liberal Democrats are that busy feathering their own nests to notice what the rest of the cabal are doing.
Halsal kept his head down for a while after Henshaw left with over £300,000 that Hasitall signed off.
The Lib Dems distracted the attention away from Hasitall, what exactly has he been doing during this time?
Certainly not financial management!

Bradley always tries to distract interviewers away from his mess that Mike Storey created behind the scenes, to ramble on about the 80's and those nasty Militants, if any of the interviewers cared to compare the money the 47 were surcharged for and the finances of that era, they would discover that this Liberal Democratic Administration has wasted, more money and has now been declared as the worse council for control and spending of finances in the country!
At least the 47 stood for the people of Liverpool and used the council funds for council related services for the people of Liverpool, this lot don't know or care what it's like to have no option but to rely on public services yet be left wanting, they would rather feather their own nests and the wallets of their "friends".
Another good comparison would be the good old lord trevor jones, he is the biggest Tory ever, who cut services and closed buildings, who purchased a large amount of disused falling to bits warehouses, then we discover a new road is to run right through the land of the falling down warehouses.
He cut services to Liverpool a full year ahead of the Tory Gov!

Wonder what the comparison of all 3 era's would show, if we looked at the full/ complete set of financial records of each term in office?

I do not think we would find the 47 feathered their own nests at all during their term in office.
What they have done after their term in office is not the comparison at the moment.

Tony Parrish47 said...

Tori speaks the truth, as ever.
To JB - I have been hinting at this for the last six bloody months! And no bugger has taken me up on it!!!! People need to sue this council for the money they have wasted. They need to sue the Fireman, CoverUp and Hasitall personally - and they need to get a friendly solicitor and barrister (Michael Mansfield anyone?) to take the case on for nowt. I am deadly serious. It can be a private prosecution against named individuals. If anyone showed any enthusiasm for this type of effort, you would be surprised at who would turn up to a public meeting to help out. Why the **** doesn't someone call a public meeting and see if its a runner? Or are we condemned to be mis-ruled by these bastard wastrel incompetents for years? Let's hang them out to dry ourselves. Active citizenship!!!! It would be fantastic.
(Sorry for the angry rant, folks, it just gets my goat that no-one will have a proper pop at these ****s.)

Caroline said...

And that outburst is exactly why I love this blog. Can you imagine the reaction of the Dims and Coverup and the assassin if public meetings started and people started asking questions about where the money has gone? The Echo would be so embarrassed at their own incomptence it would be wonderful. Tony may well be right - why can't we sue Bradley and Hilton for our money back? Even if the courts did not side with us - and who would expect them to - it would cause so much damage to the Dims and the cabalaists it would be worth it. They would shit themselves. And such action would be a fitting example of Liverpool's true culture in 2008. Let's call it the Tony Parrish 'Give Us Our Money Back Campaign'.
Who is up for a meeting then?

Sophie said...

Caroline, Tonys and JB

We are ALL up for it but where do we start?

Do you know anybody whose got a big hall say somewhere like Tuebrook that we could use and that would be big enough for us to to all meet in?

radiorogerside said...

Public meetings what a brilliant idea, I would be prepared to chair them for you, as you know I am always available to do my public duty (don't invite that Price fellow to patronising for my liking) I would fit you in even if I was already on a gig. Except of course if I was dining at the 'Great White Hopes' Frodsham pad. My fee would be at the going rate of course. This is also my 'year of sustainable growth'. Good call is that one from our Warren, ask Jase et al.

anon said...

sports centre in tuebrook

Anonymous said...

lots of community centres to hold meetings in they are not all council run

Liverpool Daily Toast said...

A sun-tanned young salesman from Chorley
Claimed his feelings were hurt rather sorely,
Though he perked up somewhat
As his boss lost the plot
So his post was untenable, surely?

"Fare thee well, Messrs Storey and Bradley,
I am off now, but not at all sadly.
For I have a fat cheque
To hang round my brass neck
Let's just say that I haven't done badly..."

Tori Blare said...

Given most if not all people who write to the blog are unidentified, a public meeting would be brilliant just to see who these people of moral integrity actually are.
Although a public meeting would be ideal, I do not believe it will happen, get out in May and vote the corruption out of office.

Why has Tuebrook been mentioned?
Is this an area of discontent?
Surely not, the housing and facilities in Tuebrook are second to none, in other words they don't have facilities and the houses are old and in need of modernisation.

Council run centres are not the best choice as it is the council we are all shouting about.
I think the best place to meet would be Bradley's house in Wavertree,(lee forde can give us the directions), bring your own Peroni.

Prof Y. Chucklebutty said...

By Jove Missus, great news! As many of you will know, I have been trying to cash in on the popularity of Old Boy Bands and promote them on my Radio Station Bighead FM. Then I got a marvellous idea while fondly looking at some old emails sent by Rory Storey, and how they helped me get on in the world. I would put my own Boy Band together. I thought let’s do it P-Diddy, but it will need some skilled financial mismanagement. So with that in mind I looked to the man that has not only been at the forefront of helping to promote “My Boy” Bands but who has also presided over the number 1 financial mismanagement in the country, Phil Spectredirector, I thought he hasitall, he was one of my closest Diddymen at Cabal Records and if anyone can help me pull together a rich pool of talentless pop idles it’s him. A wonderful man, modest to the point incredulity, never takes any of the credit for getting to the number 1 spot. Well, I didn’t have to wait long and within just a few months for only £230k we have managed to get Jason Orange (aka Jasper Harbottle) to join the ranks of my very own Boy Band, GRAB THAT! And even better, thanks to the Spectre and Phil/ Colins collaboration, the money has all been donated by my loyal former subjects the good people of Liverpool from their very own pockets, or at least it will be when they get their Serf Tax demand.

I can’t thank the kind hearted people of Liverpool enough for their financial support, without which we wouldn’t have our top line up, the talentless trio, joining me to bring music and laughter to the nationwide and other accounts. So a big thank you for all the money you have given to get the boys together, Jason 230k Chris 50k Kev 50K and my thanks as well for all the help from Warren 50cents.

You may have noticed that all the band are former members of Culture Club, but that means we are ready to re-release some of those great hits like “cowwa, cowwa, cowwa, cowwa council comedians, they come and go, they come and go oh” And the biggest news is that now we have Harbottle,we are hoping to go on our European tour soon, starting in Spain, the Costa Bradlow and culminating in joining Macca himself at Anfield, who rumour has it, will be joined by Blondie, to watch Sir Pole McSlidey.

I think there is a Star Trek convention on at the same time, somebody told me that dozens of tickets have got Enterprise written on them.

Now I know what you are thinking, GRAB THAT! was never the same without Robyn Millions The Aussie Osborne of Tasmanian puppet ballet cabaret.
But dear fans let me remind you, her initially promising hit “Let Me Entertain You” was only in the charts for a couple of weeks before she disappeared from the pop scene without a trace of £375,000. But Robyn, if you’re reading this, “We want it back, we want it back for good”

Now of course the big thing these days is the elusive X factor and if Einstein a go go was right and x = CEX squared or cornered then it is pretty certain that by May or a lot sooner we could be joined by the X leader of Style less Council, no names, no fire drill. But remember with the X factor, it’s the public who can decide in the end. But a word of warning missus, don’t fall for those phone-in scams, vote in person, don’t dial any of those dodgy 233 numbers, those call centres are ripping you off for Millions! Ha, ha I should know! All the results get Doctored!

So if you want to see us performing, we are hoping to get a gig at the Royal Court, sorry I know many of would prefer the Crown Court but that’s Showbiz and we are prepared, as ever, to take what we can get. And by Jove we’ve got a lot! And to think really it’s all yours Ha ha, that’s why Liverpool will always hold a special place in my wallet. The generosity of scousers is legendary, in fact it’s unbelievable, people laugh when I tell them, but its true ladies and gentlemen God bless the good people of Liverpool for their generosity and humour, thanks to them we are already laughing all the way to the bank before we’ve even released our first single! Maybe we can get a gig at the next Matthew Street Festival too. Yes don’t see why not, just one step farther is all we need. Anyway say nothing for now, sirenz is golden.

Don’t forget when you do come to see us bring, the kids, there’s ice cream in the interval, all the way from Spain.

By Jove yes, Capital of Culture 2008 will be remembered as the event that launched GRAB THAT!

Tatty Bye Everybody Tatty Bye, Not ‘Arf Pop Pickers.

radiorogerside said...

Prof y. chucklebutty I commend you on such a brilliant, well constructed blog and your ability to highlight the carpet baggers is magnum opus. Unfortunatley I am indisposed at the moment, slurrping it up at the retreat of the 'Great Shite Chief' Solly about that too much 'hic' cognac and habana shigars have gone down. So don't forget to phone in next week and give thanks for the wonderful spectactular we are involved in '2008 Capital of make it up as they go along' .

Prof Y. Choc-ice-butty said...

My dear fellow Boredcaster, Radiorogerside, the Magnum Opus is available during the interval along with Festival,cornetto, Strawberry Mivvi and fresh for Harbottle's new ice-cream-off factory, Orange Funny Face, liberally spinkled with hundreds and thousands. By Jove yes!

Wee willy winkle said...

For god sake will someone please take down those f***ing awful bits of rag wrapped around every lamppost in the city?!

They're a gisgrace and we're only 5 weeks into the year.

Ps. Tony's any new info on the horizon, I'm in need of a new story fix? x

The Tonys said...

Stacks. But not enough time to do it all! stay tuned.....

Anonymous said...

"Orange Funny Face, liberally spinkled with hundreds and thousands"

Classic. absolutely classic.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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