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The story so far: The city council's Head of Sport, Chris Briggs is abusing his position to try and get his son's band SIRENZ, a gig at the Mathew St Festival in 2006. He has already pressurised Events staff to no avail and has turned his attention to Jason Harborow, Chief Executive of the Culture Company. The Harbarrowboy has ordered Events staff to find SIRENZ a place (helping his bid to become Executive Director for Culture Meda and Sport). Meanwhile Events boss Lee Forde has returned from holiday to find SIRENZ have jumped the queue and got round all independent judging procedures. Now read on:

-----Original Message-----
From: Forde, Lee
Sent: 13 June 2006 10:24
To: Harborow, Jason
Subject: RE: Mathew Street Festival / Sons Band SIRENZ

Can we pls discuss this.

Lee Forde
General Manager of Events
Liverpool Culture Company

-----Original Message-----
From: Harborow, Jason
Sent: 13 June 2006 11:27
To: Forde, Lee

Subject: RE: Mathew Street Festival / Sons Band SIRENZ


I understand it is sorted now, but we can

Jason Harborow

Chief Executive
Liverpool Culture Company

-----Original Message-----

From: Forde, Lee <>
To: Harborow, Jason <>
Sent: Fri Jun 16 15:30:25 2006

Subject: FW: FW: Mathew Street Music Festival 2006 - Kuki


Please see e-mail below ref Chris Brigs son's band and the message that isgetting out.

P.S. after pressure from Chris we have given them a very good slot.


-----Original Message---------------
From: Whitehead, Susan
Sent: 16 June 2006 14:53
To: Forde, Lee

Subject: FW: FW: Mathew Street Music Festival 2006 - Kuki


Please see email below from Tony Butler.

It could potentially be very damaging.



Susan Whitehead
Liverpool Culture Company

-----Original Message------

From: Tony Butler @ The Zanzibar Club []
Sent: 16 June 2006 12:08
To: Whitehead, Susan

Subject: Re: FW: Mathew Street Music Festival 2006 - Kuki

Siren phoned me this morning, apparently they know people high up in the council ! thats how they got on.

Lets just hope they dont start telling everyone how they managed to get on.

Citizen Tony

-----Original Message-----

From: Harborow, Jason
Sent: 17 June 2006 18:43
To: Forde, Lee
Cc: Green, Chris; Newman, Paul

Subject: Re: FW: Mathew Street Music Festival 2006 - Kuki
Pls manage this carefully.

Don't allow it to embarass me

Jason Harborow
Chief Executive
Liverpool Culture Company
------Original Message---

From: Briggs, Chris
Sent: 29 August 2006 17:01
To: Forde, Lee; Whitehead, Susan; Blakeman, Kirstie
Cc: Harborow, Jason

Subject: Mathew St Festival / SIRENZ
Lee, Susan, Kirstie

Just a note to thank you for arranging things on Sunday.
SIRENZ went on at 12.15 and I think gave a good performance. In fact Janice Long said some nice things about them and has invited them onto her Radio 2 show, details to be finalised.

Thanks again I really do appreciatite it.
Also congratulations on the festival as a whole it clearly was a great success

Chris Briggs

Head of Sport & Recreation

(So that's alright then, eds. SIRENZ went around openly boasting that their highly placed relatives in the council had got them an important gig. The corrupt Harbarrowboy was promoted to Executive Director, after abusing his position and forcing staff to fix it. Briggs was promoted to Assistant Executive Director after abusing his position by wielding his influence improperly and pressurising staff. And Lee Forde - the only official to have objected - was subsequently forced to quit! Just another everday story of corrupt officials, a corrupt council and weak and stupid Lib Dems, who watched powerless. Colin CoverUp has been told all this of course - but has done nothing. Obviously.)


Still gobsmacked said...

As has been said many times before, you could not make this up.

Frank Carson said...

It's a cracker!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of self interested tossers - This is a disgrace and I would like to know what is going to happen about it or is it another case of the District Auditor plays golf (or eats pies) with the perpetrators?

Anonymous said...

They havent (hadnt?) a clue had they - how did they get away with this for so long?

Oh yes its because the feckless fireman and co let them get away with it

Lying Badly said...

Never heard of Him, I was not there, There is no Mathew Street Festival


Tori Blare said...

Can Bradley really be blamed for this one?
I see no reference to him in the emails?
Did he know about this abuse of power?
I feel it fair to say that this one has indeed embarraced Jason?!

However, will anything ever be done?

I fear NOT.

Tony Parrish47 said...

Course he knew. Lee Forde told him. He ignored it because Briggs is his mate.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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