Thursday, March 27, 2008


STOP PRESS: LIB Dim Executive Member Paul Clein has quit in protest at The Fireman's mis-rule.

Clein, Cabinet Member for Education, has penned a sensational resignation letter to Bradley complaining in the strongest possible terms about The Fireman's behaviour.

Clein takes both Bradley and the Storeyteller to task for their running of the Lib Dim group, the Capital of Culture cock-ups and chaos and how they have made the city council the worst in the country.

Clein's shock early resignation - which had been widely forecast after the local elections on May 1st - comes just the day after deselected Kevin Firth fired an angry broadside at ranting Bradley, branding him a bully-boy.

It also comes after former Lib Dim Beatrice Fraenkel defected to Labour in protest at the way the Lib Dims were running down the city.

To make matters even worse for Bradley, at last night's full council meeting he could not even summon up a semi-coherent explanation for his Las Vegas freebie under perfectly legitimate and persistent questioning from Labour's Joe Anderson.

The Fireman instead resorted to bluster and the usual ranting attacks.

Which fooled no one.

Still, the blog did get a mention as a "defamatory and ill-informed"- but Bradley then refused to explain exactly how, or what, we have got wrong.

We, on the other hand, can supply a long list of all the stuff he has got wrong.

Now the question is: How many more Lib Dims are likely to jump ship before May 1st?

And can Bradley survive even until election day?
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JK said...

They are in big trouble now - Clein obviously believes they are going to get hammered on May 1st. They deserve to. Well done Tonys!

Rachel said...


Anonymous said...

Clearing out the dustbin at last

lee forde said...

The Las Vegas trips were all nonsense as Cirque de Soleil were never going to bring that show to Liverpool we all knew this as it is not a touring show and they are contracted to perform in Las Vegas for the next five years and no where else.
Yet they (JH CmC WB) went over on numerous occasions for no apparent reason.

The show could not and will not leave las Vegas for 5 years that is the deal with the theatre anyone and everyone in the events business knows this.

Therefore there must have been some other reason for any/all of these people to go over.

suggestions on a Postcard Please....

Anonymous said...

Brazen Bradley won't lose any sleep about all this. It's just part of his master plan to surround himself with even more cowards and sycophants.

The pixies said...

Lee, or whoever it is, is spot on about that. The Mirage was purpose built for the Love show, it cannot move anywhere else and everyone knows that. You also cannot get tickets for Love nor taxpayers money.

Where did they think they could put it anyway? The Summer Pops tent? Aintree racecourse?

Did Chas Cole go to Las Vegas too? So many questions...

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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