Friday, March 28, 2008


WE can now bring you (highlighted below) the full text of Education boss Paul Clein's resignation letter, thanks to the Liverpool Confidential web site.
His devastating letter echoes many of the accusations against Fireman Bradley and the Storeyteller which the Liverpool SubCulture blog has been alone in publicising over the last 16 months.
You never read any of this in the Echo before did you? Or on Radio Merseyside?
That's no surprise.
We now feel vindicated. We told you so. We have been right all along.
But no-one should forget what has caused both Clein's resignation and Firth's deselection - the debacle over Mathew Street.
Bradley and Storey and Harbarrow and Hilton all ducked responsibility for the biggest PR disaster in Liverpool's recent history.
Instead they sought to put the blame on little Lee Forde's shoulders.
And the Echo, Radio Merseyside, Radio City and the rest of the cowardly media - with one or two notable exceptions - were willing accomplices in that shocking miscarriage of justice.
They failed to hold those responsible properly to account.
They failed to carry out their duty as guardians of the public interest and the public purse.
They failed to examine in any detail all of the circumstances leading up to the Mathew Street fiasco.
So you will well understand why the Liverpool subCulture blog won't be taking any lectures from the media.
Lee Forde has been entirely vindicated by Clein's resignation and Firth's de-selection.
We hope it is some comfort to him for the way the city council tried to destroy his reputation and his career.
Now it is for the people of Liverpool to make the real judgment on the way their city has been run by this complete shower of bastards.

Clein's letter (and some choice extracts):

"I have been considering my position since late November 2007......" (publication of doctored Mathew Street report)

"I went along with a number of policies about which I had misgivings......"

"I feared right from the start when Storey was handed a specially created Cabinet position.....that the fallout from the Henshaw/Storey split would become self-perpetuating....that appointment by Warren was a crass decision...."

"Stalinist treatment of Firth.....intolerable and utterly illiberal.......engineered for having the audacity to ask the Group Leader entirely legitimate questions over a matter (Mathew St) whose fallout threatens the long-term interests of our group. (Where is Warren's promised writ to the Daily Post by the way? I think we should be told.)

"The colleagues who perpetrated this should hang their heads in shame. They have betrayed basic principles....disgraceful position is untenable....."

"A small, increasingly illiberal clique in positions of power........whose main focus seems.......obsessive revenge."

PS. Notice how Clein focuses on Bradley's empty threats to take the Daily Post to the Press Complaints Commission? The Post - one of the few notable exceptions - had the audacity to accurately report Bradley's lies over Lee Forde and Mathew Street and his Perroni Plot with the Storeyteller against the Harbarrowboy. Bradley has not issued a writ against the Post. And he won't be issuing a writ against the Post. Because he lied to them. That's the Leader of the great city of Liverpool, for you.


Professor Y Chucklebutty said...

Caution is needed here, there may be an outcry at the moment but Bradlow has a secret plan. Just before the election he is going to personally unveil the winning Bench for 08 design and hopes that the wave of ineternational publicity will make everybody forget the current squabbles.
He knows it's a longshot but as ever he and Storey have been working night and day to get this ready on time.

good lord said...

I bet the winner is the Redmond Porcelain Bench, with gigantic hole in the sitting [sic] area, connected directly to the Redmond 'think-tank' from which the Redmond 'song for scousers' emerged.

WB said...

Thats aint the lovable cheeky brave firefighter leader we all know and love is it boys and girls?

Lets show him we aint believing a word of these lies by supporting him in the May elections with a big resounding message that we want more of the same next year please.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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