Sunday, March 30, 2008

These are the last days of a corrupt and discredited regime....

FRESH details of the de-selection of Lib Dim Kevin Firth bear an astonishing resemblance to a tin-pot third world dictatorship - rather like Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe.

We can exclusively reveal that Fireman Bradley had at least four votes in the ballot which de-selected Firth!

Bradley turned up to the Old Swan meeting with his henchman, accused law-breaker and chief whip Steve Hurst in tow, rather in the manner of President Mugabe and his collection of thugs.
The Fireman then announced to a startled gathering that he and Hurst would be using 'proxy' votes on behalf of other Lib Dim members who were unable to attend. These included the missing Storeyteller, conveniently.

This bizarre interpretation of Lib Dim democracy was immediately challenged by the party's observer, sent from Regional Office to ensure all the rules and proper procedures were followed.

But to no avail.

Bradley was able to point out that there was nothing in the rule book to prevent the use of proxy votes.

Similarly, there is nothing in the Lib Dim rule book to prevent Lib Dim members frying babies alive in boiling oil at a meeting in Old Swan. Nor is there anything to stop Lib Dim members goosestepping around in Nazi uniform, shouting Sieg Heil during a meeting. (Frank Doran has probably already done this more than once, eds) Or dressing up as bananas and singing It's a Long Way from Tipperary in Swahili, before voting to de-select a councllor. The rule book is silent on all these activities, amazingly.

So on that basis, Bradley and Hurst were allowed to go ahead and vote repeatedly on behalf of people who were not present.

It is not clear precisely how many times Bradley voted, but between him and Hurst their votes accounted for more than a third of the total!

A deeply impressed Robert Mugabe is rumoured to have sent an official observer from Zimbabwe to the meeting in Old Swan so that he could pick up some tips on how to gerrymander his own re-election today.

Bradley also had the brass neck to tell Firth (after giving him the push), that he had actually voted for him.

Sadly the Fireman's vote was not enough to secure Firth's re-selection, especially since, by some remarkable twist of fate, all of Bradley's other votes had been to de-select Firth!

(We couldn't make this up - welcome to a modern Lib Dim democracy, folks!, eds)


Moaning Mldred said...

Bradders and his hench men may think its ok to deselect who they feel like using proxy votes because it does not say in the Liberal Democrat comic that you can't, however, as leader of the council it does state his duties are..
Ensuring that the principles of equality and fairness are integral to all
actions and policies of the Council.

Bradley is a bully boy always has been always will be.
If Kevin Firth wants to challenge this deselection I feel the City would be behind him, purely because no-one likes Bradley and would join forces with Kevin to get rid of Bradley and Storeyteller.
If you look at the roles and responcibilities of the leader of the council Bradley is breaking quite a few of those requirements, surely he should be put on performance monitoring or something as other Council workers would do if they made such a mess of their jobs?
Corruption is rife through the Liberal Democrat Party in Liverpool.
Kevin has never really been a true Liverpool Liberal Democrat, he is not corrupt to my knowledge?

Anonymous said...

If Kevin Firth's not corrupt then he can be the leader once we have seen the back of Wally Mugabe

tw said...

very funny image of frank doran

mystic meg said...

Is kevin firth another victim of the CoC Grim Reaper?

Moaning Mldred said...

I've pissed off Pete Price in one of his blog posts
scouserati more annoying than boil full of puss. I feel sorry for him coz despite you putting his link on your blog he still gets no comments, he says you are a celebrity in your own right and you share the same views.
Still hasn't told us why he is so great though?
Come on Pete tell us all?

Tori Blare said...

To Mystic Meg.. You should already know the answer to your question, are you having us on?
Can you see into the future or what?
I see a massive victory.... I see something big and yellow crumbling... I see .. yes its clear to me now.. I see A RED ROSE...Its getting bigger and BIGGER!

Tori Blare said...

Kevin Firth (96796186)
25 years and 58 days, weak form, healthy
A nasty fellow who is temperamental and honest.
Has poor experience and weak leadership abilities.

Next birthday: 05/25/2008
Nationality: Canada
Total Skill Index (TSI): 780
Wage: 312 £/week including 20% Bonus
Owner: AsPontesFDF/FN
Warnings: 0
Injuries: Healthy

Career Goals: 9
Career Hattricks: 1
League goals this season: 0
Cup goals this season: 0

Soothsayer said...

mildred - the secret diary isn't really written by pete price. a bit like chucklbutty isn't really written by ken dodd or sir diddy. and this blog isn't really written by tony parrish47. they are all having you on. its a giant pisstake of capital of culture. none of it is true. its all made up. its just complete fiction from start to finish. and warren bradley is going to get re-elected.

Moaning Mldred said...

This is a quote from Liberal democrats web page.
I think they have a cheek!

For far too long, it's been acceptable to turn a blind eye to corruption when it comes to foreign contracts. The Liberal Democrats believe that corruption is a crime and should be stopped. Allegations of serious corruption must be fully investigated.

President Bob Mugabe said...

Oy yow, buggerlugs are yow takin the piss or what? Downt yow even think abouwt comparin' me to that bunch of cowboys yow got over there. I may be a tin pot murderous dictator but no bugger is laffin at me.

Yow don't see me gettin referred to the standards board, no, I had 'em shot.

Anyway youwr local election should sort them out. If yow need a returning officer I can send you the result now if yow like.

Moaning Mldred said...

Soothsayer, I checked with Chucklebutty and he told me he does exist, he even proved it with a certificate and everything!
See his blog site for more details.
How could you soothsayer?
My whole world just collapsed when I thought all these stories were made up!
You will be claiming Tony Parrish 47 is a eighties militant councillor next!

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