Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wirral Exclusive: Shock new role for Fireman a comedian!

by Tony Parrish48

FRESH from his freebie in Viva Las Vegas, the cowboy fireman Warren Bradley appears to have been bitten by the showbiz bug.

Appearing in inane Echo photo-opportunities grinning away as though he has lost all of his marbles, is apparently not good enough for our soon to be erstwhile council leader.

Oh no sirree!

For jumpin' jehosphat, after making Liverpool the worst council in the country, our Warren has now turned up in that other famous lone star state - of Texas!

(The irony, the irony! eds)

And what's more, the fibbing fireman has already found himself a new career in a new town - as a skilled impressionist and laugh-a-minute comedian!

(The irony, oh the irony! eds)

One of our extremely clever little friends has put us on to the sensational new Warren Bradley web site, which contains almost as many laughs as the renowned Professor Chucklebutty blog.

Here are some hilarious extracts for your delight....

Let's start with some testimonials from Warren's new found fans...

Dear Warren,

Your performance at our company's summer banquet was a resounding hit! For a group of people who can be somewhat on the reserved side, you had our employees nearly rolling on the floor with laughter. Your graciousness and your ability to connect with the audience on a personal level endeared you to our employees. My colleagues are asking me how I will be able to find entertainement for our next banquet that will be as as good as you were. I doubt such an act exists.

It was a pleasure working with you and I appreciate your willingness to accomodate us in every way possible. Thanks again!

And there's this...

This letter is one of recommendation for impressionist comedian WARREN BRADLEY.

Warren was the entertainer for our annual Music Ministry Appreciation Banquet last month and did a fine job making us laugh with impersonations of well-known personalities such as Jimmy Stewart, Tom Brokaw, Paul Harvey, George Bush, Katherine Hepburn and the like. His humor is clean and our folk really enjoyed his presentation. I have also continued to be entertained by his CD of "Classic Birthday Calls". I am pleased to add my name to the growing list of Warren Bradley fans.

And this is what some of Warren's Stateside audiences say...

"Warren will make you laugh until you hurt. He is definitely the type of entertainment for your next Dinner, Banquet, Retreat, Rally or Convention."

Or this extremely precise praise...

"Your act was definitely top notch and it was so timed and so funny that it brought big laughs from everyone. In fact you had all 225 people falling out of their chairs."

Sadly we have yet to witness such an impact on the city's councillors, who appear distinctly underwhelmed by the fibbing Fireman's performances in the council chamber. However, they will no doubt be glad to hear that:

Warren is also available for radio and television voiceovers and commercials.

And just in case that is not enough, Warren has also gone into the merchandising business. Maybe he has been taking some tips from the Harbarrowboy?

If you want to hear Warren at his best, then you'll want to buy "Warren's Classic Birthday Calls." Warren places telephone calls to unsuspecting people on their birthday in some hilarious spoofs.

To order this CD, call 903-757-9170 or send a check for $12.50 to:

Warren Bradley
102 Crestwood Drive
Longview, Texas 75601

This CD contains 16 hilarious calls, all clean. Money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied!

To find out more secrets about our multi-talented council leader, go to the Warren Bradley web site at:


Tricky Woo said...

Has Warren got an agent? Has anyone let Chas Cole know he's free?

Pete Price said...

Brilliant story on City of the Dead! Almost as good as my own truly fantastic blog, which you are obviously trying to feed off because it is so clearly superior to your own worthy, but boring efforts. BORING!
PS I bet it was Jason's expenses account that was in them boxes! Vile toss-pot.

Anonymous said...

so Warren Bradley has someone else with the same name in the US?!?

Wow....thanks guys for keeping the quality of debate so high and and ensuring useful information makes the public domain ....

Get a grip ffs.... or are you trying to be a comic ?

anonymous said...

It made me laugh!

Loyal fan said...

I hope your loyal readership isn't facing a takeover from pompous, arrogant, humourless tw*ts like the bloke next door but one. He should go back to reading Echo editorials if he doesn't like it here - or Hancock's new column in the Post. After all, they are both making a great contribution to the quality of debate and placing useful information into the public domain. I don't think. I wonder if the anonymous sad bastard has ever written a reader's letter to the Echo or Post? Maybe he should start there?

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that we've had a scandal free week. Are there no real stories at which you can point your satire gun?

The Editor said...

It's all in today's fantastic edition of the Echo!

Prof Y. Chucklebutty said...

Mr Polish By Jove, i hope you are satisfied! Not only have you promoted Mr Pricedroppers Blog but have attracted his comments. Out of curiosity I examined his efforts and although a chuckle or two made me choke on my Cherry B i was appalled to see my good name besmirched as being a " Good for Nothing" in his latest entries.

Although I have taken him to task i have tried to also use the appeasement approach. Remember this man has a huge following, many of whom are completely mad and could take to the streets at any moment on his command. Thank goodness I have a safe house in Mirth of Tydfill.

I reprint here my response to his slur on my character.

Yours in Discomknockeration.
Sir Diddy

To: The Secret Dairy of the Price of Milk

By Jove, Sir Diddy here, writing through the blog name of Prof. Chucklebutty am I and the professor one in the same or do we just share a tickling stick?
Anyway writing with apologies to a great man with a similar name who stole my act.

How wonderful to see my name dropped in your illustrious and refreshing blog and by such an illustrious name dropper. You really should consider writing a book and use that as the title. I have always been a great fan of your radio show Mr Murray.
I was disappointed nevertheless to see you refer to me as “good for nothing!”
Let me assure you Vincent, that the day I left the Chuckle Executives post, thanks to the kindness of Liverpool council Tax Payers taking pity on a poor pensioner like me, I was good for at least £375,000 By jove yes..and the rest!

I must also say Dennis, that although I appreciate the compliment, I really cannot take credit for the whole £62 Million debt but I am touched. But if you are looking for the money try calling Lollypool Direct they’ve had twice that and add another 20 million. But I made sure that the Executive Extractor Dr Mac the Marmaliser in exchange supplied the entire council with a brand new set of up to date computers, well they were up to date once but I admit they have been a bit prone to breaking down since they had to start using smokeless coal. It’s the greenhouse effect, not our fault!

You know I really must pop along to your singalong show to swap some stories, do you have a Max Bygraves section ( bless him) My favourites were often sung in the council chamber,

You need hands grab all of the money
Finances Aint Wot They Used to be
Silly Silly Arsing Fibbers Cashin in on Culture LCC ee, ee, ee, eee.

And of course his catch phrases, one of which I used to use with Mr Storeyteller
“I’m in charge…..Son” and he would always come back with “ I wanna sell you a Storey” Too late I leaked it and got him out of office ha ha by Jove!

There was of course the one Max song, that we should have used on Robyn Artless. The Cowpuncher Cantata! She got off with nearly as much as me the Charlatan! At least I used to turn up for work now and then!

Anyway Asda, your Rubber Soul night, does that, as it implies, attract soul singers?
If so we could have a competition We could get multi talentless songstress Robyn Archer back, your best soul singer versus arse’ole singer. Let me know soon as I heard the Australian Bored of Kulcher (sic) are trying to book her for summer season with The Koala Brothers. Well she was quite big in the outback. I certainly wouldn’t want to get lost in the bush. Imagine seeing her clambering on Ayres Rock ( is that rhyming slang) Actually it’s name has changed now to Uluru. Now I am confused either Uluru was on Star Trek or had a hit with “Shout” You would know, you know all these people.

Before I go just to say, I wouldn’t bother contacting Sharon Osbourne, if you want some action or just a job with a huge payoff for cocking things up contact the Silly Council on 233 3000 more laughs than Panto Pete and let’s face it, you don’t need an Osborne when with the council there is a Oneborn every minute.
Money for old ropewalks! Your blog diary is great!

Tatty Bye Mr Pete, Tatty Bye

Anonymous said...

what exactly are you a loyal fan of? The american version of warren bradley?

Bit trigger happy on the assumptions I see......mirror mirror....

Just to end on a really humorous note I found several 'Loyal Fan' names around the web - probably not you but hysterical all the same..... ;)

Liverpool is truly f***ed if you are an alternative!!

Mother Superior said...

Now,now girls, I expect more from the convent alumni.

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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