Friday, March 21, 2008

Kilfoyle hammers Fireman Bradley and the Lib Dims over the murder of Croxteth schoolboy Rhys Jones...

Fireman Bradley has put his foot in it again - this time over the tragic death of Rhys Jones.
You won't have read about this in the papers, but back in September, the city council debated the way it should officially respond to Rhys's murder.
According to witnesses, the Fireman completely misjudged the generally all-party mood of the council meeting and the non-political tone of the discussion.
For some unexplicable reason, he went off on one of his hysterical shouting-match rants in which he genuinely appears not to know what will be the next sentence to emerge from his open mouth.
Incredibly, Bradley offered the view - delivered at 190 million rabble-rousing decibels - that if Britain was not at war with Iraq, or had not won the Olympic bid in 2012 (???? eds) then there would be more money for the police and there would be no crime of this sort in Liverpool.
His colleagues coughed and shifted with embarrassment in their seats at this deranged outburst, while Labour were left scratching their heads in total bemusement.
But now the Lib Dims have made matters even worse - Kensington Lib Dim councillor Frank Doran has issued a leaflet which re-iterates Bradley's bizarre claims.
No wonder then, that the former 'hammer of Militant', Walton Labour MP Peter Kilfoyle, has decided to 'out' the Lib Dims in the House of Commons for daring to make a political football out of the tragic death of a young boy.
Here is the Early Day motion he has tabled, which has so far had the support of 35 Labour and Conservative MPs.
Ask your local MP to support it too - and send the Lib Dims a very clear message about their disgusting tactics.
They are beneath contempt...

by Kilfoyle, Peter

"That this House deplores the distribution of Liberal Democrat leaflets in Liverpool which politicise the tragic death of Rhys Jones; further condemns the inaccurate and misleading statements in those leaflets which malign the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service and distort the budget for the Merseyside Police Service; notes that the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service has reported Liverpool Liberal Democrat councillors to the Standards Board (oh aye? eds) for their increasing tendency to misrepresent important information; and in the name of the recently espoused new politics, calls upon the right hon. Member for Sheffield, Hallam (new boy Clegg, eds) to discipline his councillors who act so unethically."

Kilfoyle, Peter
Evans, Nigel
Ellman, Louise
Benton, Joe
Howarth, George
Cunningham, Jim
Purchase, Ken
Havard, Dai
Hepburn, Stephen
Hood, Jim
Hoyle, Lindsay
Martlew, Eric
Morley, Elliot
Connarty, Michael
Crausby, David
Dobbin, Jim
Francis, Hywel
Ainger, Nick
Wright, Anthony D
Skinner, Dennis
Hopkins, Kelvin
Cohen, Harry
Bottomley, Peter
Williams, Betty
Prentice, Gordon
Clapham, Michael
Corbyn, Jeremy
Flynn, Paul
Stringer, Graham
Clelland, David
Anderson, Janet
Wareing, Robert N
McDonnell, John
Cryer, Ann
Turner, Desmond


disgusted said...

Bradley is not just daft - he is dangerous too

Anonymous said...

Course he isnt dangerous you need a brain to be dangerous

Croccy parent said...


How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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