Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ringo sings 'Liverpool, I left you.... but with a cool £90 grand in me back pocket, ta very much!"

RINGO pocketed £90,000 for headlining the start of Liverpool, European Capital of Culture 2008 - thanks to a blunder by Our Lord Redmond.

He decided not to give Ringo the £30,000 fee the ex-Beatle was originally asking for his two appearances in the city.

Redmond decided he would be dead clever like - and just pay Ringo's expenses instead.

"Oh, okay den," says Ringo, smiling quietly to himself.

"That's fair enough, I suppose, knowworramean?"

For some strange reason, Ringo then seems to have decided to make the most of his sojourn in the city of his birth - and bring along nine of his mates with him.

Ringo and his now substantial retinue - which included his band and general hangers-on - decided to fly business class across from LA.


Then they checked into the Hope Street hotel on the recommendation of Donald Bullshitter, who handled all the arrangements personally.


Ringo's retinue then spent their time being ferried here and there in a fleet of gleaming limousines.


Their daily living expenses, which included food and drinks, were all met by the Culture Company.


And so it went on.

One estimate is that Ringo spent ten days here, while the CoC footed the bill for all of the gang.

Redmond was left suitably left red-faced when he finally received the expenses bill from Ringo - and found the council taxpayers were going to have to pick up the tab for £90.000 - three times the fee that Ringo had asked for.

Fans will recall that Ringo sang, with some gusto, "I'll Get By With a Little Help From My Friends" during his acclaimed appearance at the Arena.

But one of his tunes which we did not hear, unfortunately, was: "You Know, It Don't Come Easy."

Could have fooled us.

Now Our Lord Redmond and the CoC are hoping that no-one asks any awkward questions about the cost of bringing one of Liverpool's most famous sons back to the city to plug his new album.


Lamedropper said...

Ask Wally Bradlow about it and anything else on Mr Pete Price Namedroppers City Talk show Monday Night.

Billy Furious said...

And anyway that's still only around a third of what the Henshite's Arscher's and Harbollock waltzed off with each.

So good luck to him Ha Ha ha ha!
I like him again now after reading about this.

charlatan spotter said...

Redmond - he's just a thicko! If Ringo looted £90,000, imagine what Macca will want - and, thanks to Redmond, probably get.

Who elected Redmond? Who would? And who is he accountable to?

nil desperandum said...

You'd never find Redmond spending his own cash like this.

But he enjoys splashing out with public money. And he'll do lots more of it unless someone grabs this egomaniac by the collar, and dumps him off the Mersey bar

Our Lord is A Tosser said...

This is what the Great Waste of Space had to say in his column last Friday:

You couldn't make it up!

Our Lord is A Tosser said...

Try this. Hope it works!

Anonymous said...

i was at the arena and ringo wasnt worth 90p

Anonymous said...

They should be grateful that Ringo has taken the focus away from the rest of the money they squandered over the opening events this is chicken feed!
MILLIONS went down the pan and down the east lancs to Manchester and Harbarrowboys cronies EAR to THE GROUND.
Where was the tender for their services to manage a three million pound contract?

Nearly all he people who worked on it were from MANCHESTER.

We got shafted big time at least Ringo was a scouser - Once!!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha!! Thats a classic.

It's great to see the powers that be know how to manage this project.

Interesting comment from Anonymous about no tender required to manage a £3million contract isn't that what the events team is paid to do - manage events?

Anonymous said...

Harbarrowboy would not let the events team mange the opening event he put Ear to the Ground in place and then made a junior education officer the Project manager and she had no experience of managing events apart from community theatre in the park.
They also were given a set of offices in St Georges Hall so they could have their clandestine meetings away from the rest of the Coc team.

The whole thing stinks someone should ask questions.

ear to the ground were also "given" the contract to launch the 08 brand no one in house was allowed to touch it.
The Barrowboy has been sorting out his mates for years.

Anonymous said...

I was told that the powers that be in the council have managed to pinpoint the exact computer in the exact library in the city that you have been updating your blog on. not sure if you were aware of this but thought i would let you know.

Anonymous said...

Good to see how services are being managed in tracking down the exact computer.

Isn't this kind of behaviour and sqandering of council funds the exact reason the blog was created in the first place?

When will they realise we want a decent, honest, open and transparent council then there will be no need for the blog site?

Chances of that sadly are slim to nothing.

Tony Parrish47 said...

Thanks anonymous for the tip - we will adjust our activities accordingly. Good to know our friends are active out there and with a funny web site too!

Anonymous said...

They can find as many computers as they want and then they can climb up here and kiss my arse!
I don't care I have left the council and can say what I want and boy will I do it!!

How the council use Ripa to spy on you....

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